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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Off-Campus Internship 2019

  • Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2019

Round 1:

The first round was an Online Test conducted on the Hackerrank platform. It consisted of 15 multiple choice questions-8 from general Computer Science topics like time complexity analysis, syntax check and formal language and other questions on statistics and probability. Wrong answers contains negative marking.

Also it has 3 programming question and 2 essay type question.This eassy type question also contains good amount of weightage so don’t ignore it.

2 programming question were easy  but third was quite tough.

I have managed to solve all mcqs and solved 1 coding problem with all testcases and other was solved partially.I was not able to solved third one.

Onsite Interview on Goldman Sachs Campus

After month I recevied email from goldman regarding onsite interview. More than 50, 000 students have appeared for online test for both internship and fulltime job and 70 students made to onsite round. All the trip was sponsored by Goldman Sachs including Hotel Stay.

On day of interview, we had 45-min orientation and after that interview get started.

Round 2:

Q.1 Tell me about yourself

Q.2 Complete Project discussion.

Round 3: 

There were 2 interviewers in a room.

Q.1 Tell me about yourself

Q.2 what your favourite data structure ? I said linked-list.

Q.3 Coding question : Reverse Linked-list from Kth node.

Q.4 Some Concepts of OOPs.

Q.5 Real-World oops example (please don’t tell bookish example like library management system)

Q.6 Coding question: Write a program to print all permutations of a given Number.


After round 3, I was not selected for further final round but don’t lose hope even if you are not selected for final round because two of my friend one got selected for  final round was not selected for internship but other friend who was not even selected for final round got selected for internship.

I would suggest you to remain patient and positive.


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