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Get topmost N records within each group of a Pandas DataFrame

  • Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2020

Firstly, the pandas dataframe stores data in the form of a table. In some situations we need to retrieve data from dataframe according to some conditions. Such as if we want to get top N records of each group of the dataframe. Here we will use Groupby() function of pandas to group the columns. So we can do it as follows:

Firstly, we created a pandas dataframe:


#importing pandas as pd
import pandas as pd
#creating dataframe
df=pd.DataFrame({ 'Variables': ['A','A','A','A','B','B',
                 'Value': [2,5,0,3,1,0,9,0,7,5,4]})


Now, we will get topmost N values of each group of the ‘Variables’ column. Here reset_index() is used to provide a new index according to the grouping of data. And head() is used to get topmost N values from the top.

Example 1: Suppose the value of N=2


# setting value of N as 2
N = 2
# using groupby to group acc. to
# column 'Variable'


Example 2: Now, suppose the value of N=4


# setting value of N as 2
N = 4
# using groupby to group acc. 
# to column 'Variable'


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