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Gemini Solutions Interview Experience

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Step 1: Online Assessment, this assessment was divided into 2 sections aptitude and logical reasoning section, and the other was a technical section which contains questions on Linux, DSA, DBMS, and 2 problem-solving questions based on arrays and strings. Around 180-200 students appear for this campus placement drive.

Step 2: Next day, After shortlisting 80 students from the above round, next was a group discussion. There was a maximum of 6-8 students in a group. We were given a topic and 2 minutes to analyze the topic. After that, each candidate has two express his views about the topic one by one. The topic given to my group was “WHICH MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEM IS GOOD and WHY”.

Step 3: From group discussion 45 students were shortlisted there technical interviews were scheduled.

There were 4 interview rounds basically:

Technical interview round 1: This interview was 1 hour long. The interviewer started with my quick introduction and after that, he started asking me technical questions. 

  • He first asked me in which programming language I was comfortable, so I told him python. Then he started asking basic conceptual questions related to pythons like what is init in python, data types in python, and questions related to lists, tuples, and dictionaries. For preparing these questions I would recommend the interview bit.
  • Then he asked me many questions related to DBMS. He asked me to write SQL Queries related to JOINS for about 3-4 questions. Then he asked about normalization, 3NF, and 4NF.
  • Questions from the operating system were also asked like what is a deadlock, conditions for deadlock, and different CPU scheduling algorithms.
  • He asked me to write the logic or basic implementation of 2 problem-solving questions one was to check valid parenthesis and the other was related to the array.
  • He asked me whether I have knowledge about Linux, and Git but unfortunately, I didn’t know much about them so I told the interviewer.
  • He then asked a lot of questions from DSA like how to implement queue using stack and vice versa, linked lists, sorting algorithms, the complexity of quicksort in the worst case and best case, etc.
  • The second Technical round was held after waiting for 1 day.

Technical interview round 2: This interview was a half-an-hour long.

  • The interviewer asked me to explain my projects.
  •  She then asked in which language I was comfortable so I again told python. 
  • She asked me 2 output-based questions to check my concepts about java. 
  • She then asked basic python questions which I have already read on a website.
  •  She asked me to code the logic of reversing a date that is present in the dd-mm-yyyy format as an Armstrong number.
  •  SQL Queries based on joins and their types, basic DBMS question. This round was very easy.

Managerial Round: This interview was taken by senior employees of the company. Some of my friends were asked technical questions in this round too. But my interviewer asked in which technology domain I want to work, and whether I will be able to work in night shift or will I be able to relocate. She also asked me to show one of the projects.

HR Round: This round was held in a group all the students who got selected after the Managerial round were divided into groups and their HR round happened. It was more like a general conversation than an HR interview. No HR-based question was asked in this interview. We were asked to give our introduction and then the interviewer told us about the work style at the company and that’s all.  

Step 4: After one week of the process, our college shared the name of the selected student and finally, I got selected.

NOTE: If you have basic knowledge about DSA, DBMS, and SQL Queries and your concepts our strong then you can easily crack an interview with this company. Be confident during the interview process and stars to your performance. ALL THE BEST.

Last Updated : 23 May, 2022
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