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Gemini Solution Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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Note: It was my experience, Your’s may be different.

  • Firstly they asked to join a “Whatsapp Group” in which 62 % were female HRs. ( Ruko Jara Sabar Karo…. climax abhi baaki hai )
  • The process starts with an orientation presentation where someone from the company tells us about the company, what they do, training period (6 months), CTC, etc.

The hiring process of the company done in following Rounds :

Round 1: This was an online test in which questions were from quant, reasoning,c output questions along with 3-4 SQL queries, one question was there to normalize the given database table. Most of them were in MCQ.

Note: There were some typing questions in which you had to type your answers like SQL Queries, Puzzle

Round 2(Group Discussion): In this round groups were formed of 10 members each and they were provided with a common topic in which group members needed to discuss and give their opinion or views.

Funny Moments! : Now they realized that they have the criteria of minimum 70% in 10th, 12th and, but luckily i passed this round. ( Dekh Rahe Ho Smajhdari…)

Tips:- Never speak when someone else is speaking, find a proper time to enter the discussion and must be ready with facts and figures.

Now play music and welcome to the world of Elimination Rounds :/

While ( len(candidates)<=1 ):


Candidate = Candidate – 1

Round 3(Technical Interview – 1 ): Out of 54 students only 10 were shortlisted for the interview.

  • The interviewer welcomed me by saying “Hi xyz” and didn’t start the webcam during the whole interview ( Awkward situation :/ ), then the discussion started from my Resume ( Naa Ji Naa ).
  • The interviewer asked whatever she/he knew.

Fun Fact !: Gemini’s interviewer likes puzzles ( Puzzles jo bachpan mein solve krte the… i never thought, my childhood hit me like this)

  • He started with a puzzle ” There are 2 only containers, one is 3L and another is 5L, How do you get 4L using these ?”
  • and the second puzzle was “Two fathers and two sons go fishing together in the same boat. They all catch a fish but the total catch for the day is three fish. How is this possible?”
  • I was thinking like, now it’s my turn to ask 🙂 ( Hmaar btabo to tohaar….* )
  • There were questions related to C++ (All Concepts) , Two programs(1. check prime number, 2. Max in Array), Sql ( Almost All Concepts), Difference between array & linked list .
  • Finally she said “Ok xyz, this is all from my side”. I asked her for the feedback. she denied. (It hurts me deeply. she was behaving like i was asking her whatsapp number)

Moment! : The voice was so nice. I still miss that voice.

Result declared in whatsapp group like that:

Hr1: ” These 5 students are selected suppose x, y, z, a “

Hr2:” These 5 students are selected suppose b,c,x,z”

Hr3: X will have the HR round and other these 4 will have their round 2 ( I was like “Aisa kya h usme jo mujhme nahi hai….”)

Round 4(Technical Interview 2): Out of 10 students only 5 were shortlisted for round 4.

  • They informed us the next round ( Round 4 ) will be on monday due to two days of holidays ( sat & sun ). I was like “Yeah, I will do the revision of dsa & algorithms” . (Ab maza aayega na Bheedu… )
  • I asked for the interview link to the HR on sunday evening and they replied ” will send you on monday ” ( Ye Bhi Theek Hai… )

The Monday Story –>

Someone from us, asked for the link and they replied “will be sending shortly”. We didn’t receive any link till 4:30 PM.

Suddenly, a call from HR “Hello xyz, please join the call, the interviewer is waiting”

I said: But ma’am I didn’t receive any mail.

she said: wait.. i am sending ( Aur Log SBI pe memes banate hai… )

I said: But ma’am i am not at home .

she said: Your interview at 5:00 PM Okay. Cut The Call :/

I went home as fast as i could, attend the interview.

As you all are thinking now, that second round was DSA & Algorithm Round ( Naa ji Naa ). They asked me “What is defined and undefined? “What is a pointer? What is “#” in “#include” ? , SQL ( Again All Concepts )

Pro Tip: They started questions on OOPs concept although i had not mentioned that in my resume. ( Tumhe kya aata h ye important nahi, Unhe kya aata h ye important hai..)

Now the turn was their fav. topic that is puzzle:

” Four people need to cross a rickety bridge at night. Unfortunately, they have one torch and the bridge is too dangerous to cross without a torch. The bridge can support only two people at a time. All the people don’t take the same time to cross the bridge. Time for each person: 1 mins, 2 mins, 7 mins and 10 mins. What is the shortest time needed for all four of them to cross the bridge ? “

That time I was unable to solve the puzzle. The answer is 17. I was getting 21 at that time.

Out of 5 students only 3 were shortlisted for the round managerial round. i disqualified here.

Round 5(Managerial Round): Out of 3 students 2 were selected for hr round.

Round 5(HR Round): Out of 2 only one get the job letter .

I am still preparing for Gemini Solutions so “I would play puzzle- puzzle with a whole team of them” and yeah i am missing that voice 🙁

When I asked these silly questions at home, received a flying chappal with the voice “Itane paise inhi kaamo k liye lagaye hai..”

Best of Luck Guys, I hope it will help you!

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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