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GE HealthCare Interview Experience (For 1.5 years experienced)
  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2018

I was contacted by a consulting firm about this opening in ge healthcare. They conducted a drive in their bangalore office. Around 100 people participated in this drive.

Round 1: AMCAT Round

  1. 2 Programming Questions
  2. Union of two arrays
  3. Around 25 objective questions on basic C++.

Round 2: F2F Round

  1.  Copy Constructor and Assigment Operator. Write example of each.
  2.   Why it is required to pass & in copy constructor.
  3.  What will be the size of empty class ?
  4. class A
    virtual void show() { ; }
    What will be the size of this class A?
  5. Basic Bitwise Operator
  6. Intersection point of two linked lists
  7. vtable and vptr.
  8. Difference between pointer and reference.
  9. Implement custom smart pointers.

Round 3: F2f Round

  1.   Ask if I am interested in machine learning.
  2.  Classification vs Clustering vs Regression.
  3. One file operation related question. Write code for it.
  4. Delete a node in bst.

Round 3: HR Round

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why are you switching jobs so fast.
  3. Do you have any other offers in hand?

I got a confirmation from hr that I am selected and they will discuss about CTC with the hiring manager. Next week they come up with numbers to offer but I had a good offer in hand so I said no to them.

Special thanks to geeksforgeeks…!!!!


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