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Gainsight Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer 2021

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Difficulty Level: Easy Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2021

It was an on-campus drive conducted by Gainsight in BMSIT campus.

There was a total of  350(only CSE/ISE) students shortlisted for the Online Assessment Round.

Round 1(Online Assessment):  It was a web-proctored round conducted on HACKEREARTH. 

  • There were  3 coding questions.
  • Questions were based on Dynamic programming and Graph.
  • one question was easy and other two questions were challenging.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): Out of 350 students only 40 were shortlisted for the interview rounds. In this round, the interviewer asked my introduction and the following things:

  1. At very first he asked me a very basic DBMS question:  What are DML operations.
  2. Then he asked some very basic questions of operating system.
  3. Then he asked me a very famous interview question:   Detection and removal of a loop in a Linked list, He asked me to code from scratch and generate the correct output.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): Out of 40 only 22 people were selected for this round

  1. He asked me some very basic string questions
  2. He asked most of the question from operating systems , DBMS, CN and LINUX

Round 4(Managerial Round):  Out of 22 only 11 people were selected for this round

      The following questions were asked by the interviewer:

  1. My Introduction.
  2. My Projects. (Technologies used, Challenges faced, Applications, etc.)
  3. About my training and internships.
  4. Some general questions like- why you want to join our company, how you can contribute, your expectations and goals, etc.

Result: The result came after 2 days of the Managerial round. 7 students were selected in total.

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Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2021
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