FreeCharge Interview Experienced 2.5 years

I got the call from FreeCharge to have face to face interview in weekend.

Round 1 :
1. Reduce matrix of 0, 1 to the array so that it can only store 1 and can be convert in anytime to original matrix
2. Left View and Right view of tree
3. Square root of any number upto 2 precision (log(n)
4.Basic oops concept
5. some tricky question on polymorphism ( by grand children)

Round 2 :

1. Searching element in sorted linked list
2. nodes at k unit distance from given node in a tree
3. which provide better abstraction interface or abstract class
4. Join vs Subquery
5. Race Condition and some other basic basic sql java concept.

Round 3 :

1. Project Discussion
2. Diameter of tree
3. String literal, String pool
4. Java function call some questions
5. basic questions of  nosql db, multithreading, design, queue, spring

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