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Features of AWS

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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Pre-requisite: AWS

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services handled by Amazon, which uses distributed IT structure to make different IT coffers available on demand. It provides different services similar as structure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and packaged software as a service (SaaS). Amazon launched AWS, a cloud calculating platform to allow the different associations to take advantage of a dependable IT structure.

Features of AWS

AWS Features are the managed services and functionalities immolations through the AWS cloud platform. It principally offers several types of cloud services similar to structure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (Paas), and Software as a service (Saas).

The following are the effective features of AWS:


AWS pricing model is veritably cost-effective which makes it most dependable. For case, if a user wants to use a Service for an hour, AWS asks the user to pay only for an hour. There’s no similar long-term commitment as five times or 10 times and pay consequently. either, there’s an AWS free league service to increase the affordability by offering free services with AWS services up to 58 products that help users gain some experience with the AWS platform.

  • AWS provides no outspoken investment, long-term commitment, or minimum spending. 
  • You can increase or decrease as the demand increases or decreases independently.

Scalable and Elastic

In AWS Services, Scalability refers to the capability to increase and drop the computing services depending on the business needs. Elasticity is defined as sharing the incoming operation business to multiple sources like Amazon EC2 cases, IP addresses, Lambda functions, etc. Elasticity balances the traffic load, and Scalability balances the computing services.

  • Scalability in AWS can increase the computing capability over or down when demand increases or decreases independently. 
  • Elasticity in AWS is defined as the distribution of incoming operation business across multiple targets similar to Amazon EC2 cases, holders, IP addresses, and Lambda functions.

Security and Compliance

As numerous companies calculate on AWS, Amazon provides maximum security to the data handed by them. AWS features allow the client to gauge and introduce guests and then pay only for the service they use. Also, there are no outspoken charges.

The security groups of AWS associate with EC2 cases. They give security at the protocol and harborage access position. In AWS there are security rules that filter businesses coming into and out of an EC2 case. Rules comprise four fields which are

  • Type 
  • Protocol 
  • Port Range 
  • Source

Serverless Cloud Functions

Amazon API and Gateway help people by running and spanning their codes. The only thing a person has to do is to upload the codes with the help of a device. People don’t take care of the servers as the whole process is also managed by AWS. Apps that are made to deliver a great experience to the people. We want numerous tasks to be performed at formerly and for that, we need back-end code that runs and responds to the demands. Managing the structure to host back-end canons requires size, provision, and lots of servers. 

  • AWS Serverless Cloud Functions help the stoner in such a way that they should concentrate only on erecting the operation.
  • The maintenance operation is done by AWS, it performs scaling, doctoring, and administration of the structure.


In AWS you can choose your Operating System, Programming language, Database type, the position where you want to deliver your content, etc. This will help you to concentrate more on development and business rather than learning technologies of which you aren’t apprehensive or don’t have the role and make your structure with the being chops. In programming languages, you have choices among java, C Sharp, python, go, Json, ruby, Node JS, etc.

With AWS CloudFormation you can resettle your- premises operation to the cloud fluently and, in a cost, effective manner. With AWS OpsWorks you can modernize multiple coffers in seconds. This will help you to spend further time on the development of the operation and its growth rather than fussing about structure.

  • An application building in AWS is like building applications using existing hardware resources.
  • The larger organizations prefer hybrid mode, i.e., some pieces of the application work in their data center, and other portions of the application work in the cloud.


The AWS cloud provides scale, security, trust ability, and sequestration situations. AWS has erected a structure grounded on assignments learned from over sixteen times of experience managing the multi-billion bone

  • Amazon continues to profit from its guests by enhancing its structure capabilities. 
  • Currently, Amazon has come to a global web platform that serves millions of guests, and AWS has evolved since 2006, serving hundreds of thousands of guests worldwide.


Due to high-quality services which are regularly streamlined, 24 × 7 support, detailed attestation for each service, and lower price compared to other pall services providers and traditional structure AWS has the loftiest request cap. Besides the above-mentioned Amazon also makes huge investments to expand its network and introduce more technologically advanced yet easy-to-use services.

AWS also has an active community that can help druggies to understand the AWS terrain and they can also bandy any difficulties they’re facing while developing. AWS also has dereliction templates for numerous services which helps the stoner to avoid reinventing the wheel. With all these features AWS become the Market Leader.

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