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AWS Management Console

Last Updated : 05 Feb, 2024
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AWS Management console allows a seamless and efficient way to manage the AWS cloud using the web-based user interface. Managing AWS cloud resources and services becomes easy with the help of the AWS console as it provides all the services at the tip of a mouse click. The management console also gives the ability to monitor and manage various services in AWS. Let’s have a wide look at the AWS management console.

AWS Management Console

Management Console: Management Console is a web application that provides web application-based GUI for managing and procuring AWS resources and services.

Console Overview and Navigation of AWS management console

Console home

  • After signing in to AWS the first portal you will see is console home. Console home consists various components that can be used to manage AWS.
  • Console home looks like below.

    Console home

Account Information

On top right corner there is option with username. Clicking on username gives various option related to AWS user account. User settings can be managed from these various options.

  • Account : Account option provides information about user account.
  • Organization: This option shows collection of multiple AWS accounts.
  • Service Quotas : This option shows maximum limits of services and resources in AWS account.
  • Billing and Cost management: Billing dashboard gives overview of billing for AWS account.
  • Security Credentials: This menu shows IAM menu where various security related stuff can be managed.

Account Options

AWS Regions

  • The second menu from top right corner is AWS Region.
  • It shows current selected region. On click it displays list of all AWS regions from which required region can be selected.
    Region Selection


  • The small gear icon shows are settings. It shows all the general settings related to AWS console.
  • Default language can be selected from dropdown. Also visual appearance of console can be changed by selecting proper mode .
  • More user settings button navigates to settings dashboard for managing all other settings.
    Settings Menu


The support option shows all the support related menus. This option can be used in case of failure or issues with AWS service .

  • Support Center : This menu will take you to support dashboard where you can find support related services.
  • Expert Help : This will connect you to the any AWS expert available.
  • re:Post : this option provides access to AWS documentation and resources.

Various documentation and other related links are also present in support.

Support Menu


The bell icon displays all the notifications related to your AWS services and resources. Also, various health related events can be seen.


AWS Cloud Shell

This option will launch a browser-based shell environment that is pre-authenticated with your console credentials. shell can be used to execute various AWS CLI commands or scripts using the AWS CDK from your browser.

Cloud Shell

AWS Search

Search option search’s various locations in AWS for matching the text entered by user.It will display all the related stuff for text entered.

  • Services: List of AWS services
  • Features: List of features of AWS services
  • Blogs: Posts from the AWS blog
  • Documentation: AWS Documentation
  • Knowledge Articles: AWS Premium Support Knowledge Center
  • Tutorials: Guides from the AWS Getting Started Resource Center
  • Events: AWS hosted events that are upcoming, or available on-demand
  • Marketplace: AWS Marketplace offerings that you can deploy in your AWS account

AWS Search

AWS Service Selector

  • The icon in the left of search is Service selector. This option displays various AWS Services And groups .
  • you can select your service from the list available.
  • It also displays recently visited service for easy navigation.

AWS Service selector

AWS Dashboard Widgets

This contains number of widgets for various purposes. It helps user for easy navigation and overview of their services and resources in AWS.The widgets can be added or removed as per user preference.Add widget button can be used to add new widget.

  • AWS Health: information on events that might affect your AWS infrastructure and account.
  • Cost and usage: an overview of service costs, with a breakdown by AWS service
  • Favorites: a list of your favorite AWS services
  • Recently visited: a list of top recently visited services.
  • Trusted Advisor: recommendations to follow AWS best practices.



In this article we have seen overview of AWS Management Console. We have seen various components of AWS management console. Also the various submenus of each option are explored . By knowing AWS management console you can now explore other AWS services.

AWS Management Console- FAQ’s

How do I access the AWS Management Console?


You can access the AWS Management Console by navigating to the AWS website ( and clicking on the “Sign In to the Console” button. Enter your AWS account credentials to log in.

Can I customize the AWS Management Console dashboard?


Yes, you can customize the AWS Management Console dashboard to suit your preferences. You can add, remove, and rearrange widgets to display the AWS services and information that are most relevant to your needs.

Are there any costs associated with using the AWS Management Console?


No, there are no additional costs for using the AWS Management Console itself. However, standard AWS service charges may apply based on the resources and services you use through the console.

Can I use the AWS Management Console to manage resources across different AWS regions?


Yes, you can manage resources across different AWS regions using the AWS Management Console. Simply choose the desired region from the console’s top-right corner dropdown menu.

Is there a mobile app for the AWS Management Console?


Yes, AWS offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to access and manage AWS resources on the go. The app provides a simplified interface for common tasks.

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