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Expedia Interview Experience | Set 10 (On-Campus for FTE)

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Expedia recently came to our campus for FTE.

Round 1: Online test on HackerRank (75 min)

3 coding questions (Arrays/ Implementation based)
17 students were shortlisted after this round

Round 2: Technical Interview

– Tell me about yourself
– I had mentioned 4 projects on my CV, discussed all 4 (20 min)
– Coding questions
1) Find majority element in the array. Discussed various approaches and wrote complete code for Moore’s voting algorithm
2) Write an optimal program that would determine the total number of stops an elevator would take to serve N number of people.
– There is an elevator in a building with M floors. This elevator can take a max of X people at a time or max of total weight Y and maximum number of floors in the building is Z, Input is in the form of two arrays: 1. weights of persons, 2. the floor they need to stop at
– In a country where everyone wants a male child, each family continues having babies till they have a male child. After some time, what is the proportion of Male to Female in the country? (Assuming probability of having a boy or a girl is the same)
– What is Composition in OOP? Difference between composition and inheritance

Round 3: Technical Interview

– Coding questions:
2) Find path between any two nodes in a binary tree.
– Assuming a stream of incoming integers (Can be very long integers and no range specified), which data structure would you use to optimize random access. Very long discussion on the same(25-30min)

Round 4: HR Interview

– A stream of tags (mentions/hashtags) are coming into your system as input, design an efficient data structure to store and process them in the most optimal way.
– Given a list of tasks with their priorities and time required by each for execution, what scheme would you propose to schedule them efficiently?
– Describe anything interesting you’ve worked on. Very long discussion on the same.

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Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2017
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