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Expedia Interview Experience | Set 8 (On Campus for SDE )

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Round 1(percentage based shortlisting)
Expedia shortlisted around 90 students who had an aggregate percentage above 70%.

Round 2 (20 MCQs & 2 Coding questions)
Hosted on hackerrank. MCQ were on Data Structures, C, JAVA and aptitude. Coding questions were-

  1. Given preorder traversal of a Binary Tree in the form of an array, check if it is a BST or not.
  2. Delete Nodes with odd value in a linked list

21 students were shortlisted after this round

Round 3 (Technical Interview F2F)
• Questions regarding my project.
• Questions on data structures, from linked lists to tries, their complexities etc.
• Implementation details of HashMaps and collision handling.
• One coding question: Given an array of n integers representing stock prices on nconsecutive days find a pair (buyDay, sellDay), with buyDay ? sellDay, such that if we bought the stock on buyDay and sold it on sellDay, we would maximize our profit.
Round 4 (Technical Interview-2 F2F)
• Tell me about yourself.
• Coding question: Write an optimal program that would determine the total number of stops an elevator would take to serve N number of people.
There is an elevator in a building with M floors. This elevator can take a max of X people at a time or max of total weight Y. Input is in the form of twoarrays:1. weights of persons, 2. the floor they need to stop at.
• Questions based on real world problems, how to handle them and one design based question. It was mostly focused on OOPS.
Round 5 (HR Interview F2F)
• He asked me to tell something about myself.
• The difficulties I faced while working on my project and how did I overcome those.
• One practical world based problem (on graphs) and a long discussion on it
• Why do you want to join expedia? Why should we hire you and other related stuff.
I was given an offer for internship for SDE profile.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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