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Dynamic Organizational Chart in Excel

Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2023
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An Organization Chart is also referred to as An Org Chart. This chart is used to show the internal structure and hierarchy of different roles in an organization, a company, or a college. An Organization Chart can also be beneficial to illustrate reporting system in an organization, which means it will show which manager or employee is reporting to whom in the respective organization. An Organization Chart is very useful, and its data can also be changed dynamically which makes it easier to use. This article will show you how to change data in an org chart dynamically.

Dynamic Organizational Chart

Suppose we have the following data of a college. This data tells which role is reporting to whom. Now we have to create a Dynamic Organizational Chart using this information.


  • Head Of Department (IT)
    • Professor 1
    • Professor 2
  • Head Of Department (Computer)
    • Professor 1
    • Professor 2

We might have the data in any of the formats shown in the image. 



Steps to Create a Dynamic Organizational Chart

Step 1: Click on the “Insert” tab on the ribbon. Then select “SmartArt” from the illustration group. A dialog box will appear on the screen. In your device, you might have the “SmartArt” option somewhere else in the insert tab.



Step 2: Now select “Hierarchy” from the vertical menu on the left side. Then choose “Organization Chart” and click on “OK”. 



Now the chart will be displayed on your screen.



Step 3: Click on the “Design” tab on the ribbon. Then select “Text Pane” from the top-left corner of the ribbon.



And copy all the information about the organization and paste it anywhere in the text pane.



Step 4:  To change the data and hierarchy of each role follow any of the methods given below:

Method 1:

After inserting data into the ‘Text Pane’ click on any role and put it under other higher roles. To place a role under another role to whom that role is reporting simply press ‘Tab’ to make it hierarchical.



And to show higher level roles just enter ‘Backspace’. You’ll understand this better after watching the video.



Method 2:

To show a role with higher priority just right-click on that role in the text pane and select “promote“. The “promote” simply means that you’re promoting that role to a higher level/position than its current level. And to show a role with lower priority right click on the role and then select “demote“. The “demote” is used for demotion.

For Demoting:



After Demoting you can see the result.



For Promoting:



After Promoting you can see the result.



Step 5: You can also add new roles in the chart by adding that role name in the text pane. And then promote or demote it as per the priority. Here the role “Professor 3” has been added under “Head of Department (IT)”. That means “Professor 3” is reporting to the “Head of Department (IT)”.



Step 6: You can change the structure, color, font, and size of the chart too. When you click on the org chart Design and Format options will be available to you in the ribbon.



Video demonstration:

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