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Domhttpx – Google Search Engine Dorker with HTTP Toolkit To Find Many URLs/IPs

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Google Dorking is the technique used for advanced searching. Google Dorking can be advantageous in victim domain apprehension or assembling some sensitive data from the target domain, This can be done through automated tools which can decrease the time of old-fashioned searching. domhttpx is a google search engine dorker with an HTTP toolkit built with python, can make it easier for you to find many URLs/IPs at once with a fast time. domhttpx tool is an automated tool that is developed on the Python Language and is also available on the GitHub platform. domhttpx tool is an open-source and free-to-use tool.

Note: Make Sure You have Python Installed on your System, as this is a python-based tool. Click to check the Installation process: Python Installation Steps on Linux

Installation of Domhttpx Tool on Kali Linux OS

Step 1: Use the following command to install the tool in your Kali Linux operating system.

git clone

Step 2: Now use the following command to move into the directory of the tool. You have to move in the directory in order to run the tool.

cd domhttpx

Step 3: You are in the directory of the Domhttpx. Now you have to install a dependency of the Domhttpx using the following command.

sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Step 4: All the dependencies have been installed in your Kali Linux operating system. Now use the following command to run the tool and check the help section.

python3 --help

Working with Domhttpx Tool on Kali Linux OS

Example 1: One keyword

python3 --keyword pentesting --amount 5

Example 2: Multiple keyword

python3 --keyword "pentesting basic" --amount 5

Example 3: Extract Title Page

python3 –keyword “pentesting basic” –amount 5 –title

Example 4: Extract Title Page from Real Path

python3 –keyword “pentesting basic” –amount 5 –title –real-path

Example 5: Extract Web Server

python3 –keyword “pentesting basic” –amount 5 –web-server

Example 6: Running domHttpx with default command

python3 --keyword india --amount 20    

Example 7: Show output as IP

python3 --keyword india --amount 9 --only-ip

Example 8: Extracts the real path

python3 --keyword india --amount 9 --real-path

Example 9: Extracts status code

python3 –keyword “Indian Premier League” –amount 10 –status-code 

Example 10: Extracts title page

python3 –keyword “GeeksforGeeks” –amount 10 –real-path –title

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Last Updated : 24 Oct, 2021
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