Django – Creating Apps | Set – 1

Prerequisites: Django – Dealing with warnings

Why do we need apps?
In Django Set 2 (Creating a Project), we saw how we can display text in our browser using Django but that is not the best and pythonic way. Django recommends using the project-app relationship to build Django projects.
Any website contains different sections. For example, Geeksforgeeks has different sections for users, contributors, to practice programming, for online courses, payments, etc. All these sections have different attributes, formats and authorized staffs like only users with admin privileges can access, see and alter payment details. For all these different sections, we create different Django apps.

Benefits of using Django apps

  • Django apps are reusable i.e. a Django app can be used with multiple projects.
  • We has loosely coupled i.e. almost independent components
  • Multiple developers can work on different components
  • Debugging and code organisation is easy. Django has excellent debugger tool.

Pre-installed apps

Django provides some pre-installed apps for users. To see pre-installed apps, navigate to
geeksforgeeks –> geeks_site –>
In your file, you will find INSTALLED_APPS. Apps listed in INSTALLED_APPS are provided by Django for developers’ comfort.

We will use some of these apps in our project.

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