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Differences between 8085 and 8086 microprocessor

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2019

In the changing world of technologies, the devices used are also changing. Let us take a look at the changes between 8085 series of microprocessors and 8086 series of microprocessors.

Serial No.8085 microprocessor8086 microprocessor
1The data bus is of 8 bits.The data bus is of 16 bits.
2The address bus is of 16 bits.The address bus is of 20 bits.
3The memory capacity is 64 KB.Also 8085 Can Perform Operation Upto 2^8 ie. 256 numbers. A number greater than this is to taken multiple times in 8 bit data bus.The memory capacity is 1 MB.Also 8086 Can Perform Operation upto 2^16 ie. 65,536 numbers.
4The input/output port addresses are of 8 bits.The input/output port addresses are of 8 bits.
5The operating frequency is 3.2 MHz.The operating frequency is 5 MHz, 8MHZ,10MHZ.
58085 MP has Single Mode Of Operation.8086 MP has Two Modes Of Operation.
1. Minimum Mode = SingLe CPU PROCESSOR
2. Maximum Mode = Multiple CPU PROCESSOR.
6It not have multiplication and division instructions.It have multiplication and division instructions.
7It does not support pipe-lining.It supports pipe-lining as it has two independent units Execution Unit (EU) and Bus Interface Unit (BIU).
8It does not support instruction queue.It supports instruction queue.
9Memory space is not segmented.Memory space is segmented.
10It consists of 5 flags(Sign Flag, Zero Flag, Auxiliary Carry Flag, Parity Flag, Carry Flag).It consists of 9 flags(Overflow Flag, Direction Flag, Interrupt Flag, Trap Flag, Sign Flag, Zero Flag, Auxiliary Carry Flag, Parity Flag, Carry Flag).

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