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Difference between NFS and CIFS

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1. Network File System (NFS): NFS is a network that was introduced by Sun Microsystems and is used by Unix or Linux-based operating systems and stands for Network File System. This is a network that is used for giving remote access capabilities to the applications. Remote access enables the user to edit or even take a closer look at his computer by using another computer. Old files can be repaired even when the user is at a distance from his computer. This protocol gives devices the functionality to modify the data over a network. 

2. Common Internet File System (CIFS): CIFS is a Windows-based network for file sharing and is used in devices that run on Windows OS. CIFS was introduced as the public version of Server Message Block which was invented by Microsoft. This is a very efficient feature that enables the devices to share multiple devices that are printers and even multiple ports for the user and administration. CIFS also enables a request for accessing files of another computer that is connected to the server. Then this request is served by the server to the requested client. CIFS supports huge data companies to ensure that their data is used by the employees at multiple locations. 

Difference between NFS and CIFS:

AcronymNetwork File SystemCommon Internet File System
DefinitionNFS is used for the devices which run on UNIX or LINUX operating systemsCIFS is used for remote actions which work on Windows operating systems
CommunicationIt is better than CIFSCreates a confusion when communicating
SupportUsers using UNIX or LINUX OS are most preferable supportedUsers using Windows OS are preferable supported
Session featureNFS does not provide sessionsCIFS provides sessions
Port protocolsIt uses 111 ports for both TCP and UDPIt uses 139 and 455 for TCP and 138 and 137 for UDP
Speed & ScalabilityHighly scalable and more speed than CIFSLow scalable and moderate speed
ImplementationIt is simple to implement and executing queries is fastIt is difficult to implement and configure for faults
SecurityIt is not reliable and there is no special securityIt has more security features than NFS
TransportationNFS is a transport-dependent protocol and offers a high rate of communication speed.CIFS is generally used for direct hosting and NetBIOS-dependent transport over IP and TCP protocols.
Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2022
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