Difference between Multimedia and Hypermedia

It is type of information through electronic means, Internet. It comprised of graphics, text, videos, audios, animations, information on laptops and other similar devices. The elements of multimedia shows us quality pictures, animations, sounds, text information which directly impacts on the user’s brain. Even we can perform editing on these different types of multimedia.

It is an next version of hypertext which contains different forms of media like, graphics, text, audio, video and moving graphics etc. There is similarity in the structure of both hypermedia and hypertext. It has even more advanced features like clickable links in the web page. The common hypermedia link is image link which can take the user to the other page. It is used in a variety of applications from problem solving and qualitative research to electronic studying and sophisticated learning.

Difference between Multimedia and Hypermedia:

S.No. Comparison Multimedia Hypermedia
1. Basic It represents the various forms of representing the information. It is an extension of hypertext and not considered as text-based.
2. Types available Both linear and non-linear available. Only non-linear available.
3. Relation It combines with hypertext to form a hypermedia. It combines both hypertext as well as multimedia to represent information.
4. Based on It basically works on interaction and interactivity. It is used for inter-connectivity among elements and also for the cross referencing.
5. Requirements of hardware It requires it own delivery system called as multimedia delivery system. It provides the clickable links to increase capability.
6. Information present It is the combination of the media and content which stores the information in some form across the devices. It is more contrasting in nature and used in non-linear data representation.

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