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Difference between MEAN Stack and LAMP Stack Developer

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2021
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1. MEAN Stack Developer: MEAN refers to

  1. M for MongoDB (No SQL database)
  2. E for Express.js (a framework on top of Node.js)
  3. A for Angular (a front end framework)
  4. N for Node.js (JavaScript runtime environment)

MEAN Stack Developer is an IT professional who develops a web application using a collection of JavaScript technologies. Here the database, server and even client also is based on JavaScript technology. It is a full-stack and a user-friendly collection of JavaScript framework, which is ideal for making dynamic websites and applications. It is also available for free as an open-source stack. 

Pros of MEAN Stack Development :

  • It is full stack JavaScript which is fully free for working.
  • It helps in developing applications on rapid base.
  • It uses very low memory as overhead.
  • It organizes the whole applications.
  • It helps to avoid every unnecessary groundwork.
  • Its Mongo Data Base is used for cloud storage.

Cons of MEAN Stack Development :

  • It is not best for large-scale applications.
  • It has no specific JavaScript program coding guidelines.
  • It is hard to go back to approach the old data when you already developed the site using MEAN Stack technology.
  • In business logic , it gives poor isolation from server.
  • It loses record and don’t have backup facilities.

2. LAMP Stack Developer: LAMP refers to

  1. Linux which is a Operating system.
  2. Apache which is a Web server.
  3. MySQL which is managing the code in the database.
  4. PHP which is a programming language.

LAMP stack developer is an IT professional who develops application using Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP etc. It works with a lots of software program which is good for web application development. As a largest and oldest community, it gives a best platform for hosting web applications.

Pros Of LAMP Stack Development :

  • One of the best benefits of using LAMP is it’s a widespread support.
  • Because of renowned of PHP and MySQL backends , it supports several hosting providers.
  • It is a open Source stack development.
  • PHP and MySQL are easy to learn , so it is convenient for beginners.
  • It is more scalable and faster to develop because of non-blocking structure.
  • The developer can customized the modules as per its necessities.

Cons Of LAMP Stack Development :

  • It only supports Linux OS.
  • It makes formidable to switch in between PHP and Python and later on HTML and JavaScript

Difference between MEAN Stack Developer And LAMP Stack Developer :




01.MEAN refers to MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js.LAMP refers to Linux Operating System, Apache, MySQL, PHP.
02.MEAN Stack Developer is an IT professional develops a web application using a collection of Java Script technologies i.e. MEAN.LAMP stack developer is an IT professional who develops web applications using Linux OS, Apache, MySQL, PHP i.e. LAMP.
03.MEAN developers allows to deploy their applications in any OS that supports Node JS.LAMP developers allows to deploy web application only in Linux OS.
04.It only allows the JavaScript in both side like client and server side.It allows developers to code in PHP and also MySQL.
05.It uses a webserver called Node.JS.It has Apache Web Server as its components.
06.For MEAN , MongoDB (Non Relational) is the only database for the users.For LAMP ,MySQL is the default RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System).
07.MEAN stack allows developers to use Angular.JS for front-end.LAMP stack doesn’t have any front-end components.
08.Mainstream backers are Google, IBM, Samsung.Mainstream backers are Oracle, Zend, Linux Foundation.
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