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Difference Between Laravel and Ruby on Rails

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The Laravel and Ruby on Rails both are the backend web frameworks. Both of them are popular in developing field, the main difference between them has used language. Laravel uses PHP and Ruby on Rails uses Ruby, both of them have a huge community. On the basis of voting which one should choose Ruby comes at 5th position and Laravel comes at 6th position. Before comparing them we have to the details on both with the specific features. Laravel may be an advanced web application system, that plan web application effectively and rapidly. It can perform the customization of the internet application with break even with ease. It is an open-source and exceedingly utilized system, composed in PHP. Ruby on Rails is one such system which makes a difference the engineer with a parcel of ready-made highlights, so that engineer can essentially center on commerce rationale, instead of diving into framework intricacies. It may be a server-side web application system, made in Ruby. Laravel: There are major assignments that stay very common for nearly each web application like caching component, session administration, directing, verification, etc. Laravel makes an innate exertion in taking the inconvenience out of the improvement prepare by facilitating all these common assignments. Features:
  • Template Engine: It has the built-in lightweight template engine that can be used to create layouts. This templates can be used to create layouts from simple to complex.
  • MVC Architecture Support: Laravel supported MVC architecture and there are lots of built-in functionalities that helps to improve the performance of application.
  • Security: Laravel builtin function provides high security that uses hash and salted password mechanism.
  • Libraries and Modular: It comes with the pre-installed libraries that helps the application to perform well.
  • Unit-Testing: Laravel can handle multiple unit testing at a time that will check new changes made from the developer.
Ruby on Rails: Rails are backed by web measures like JSON and XML, which are intensely utilized for information exchange purposes. A few ideal models are standard for any system that is middle of a web advancement handle, like tradition over the arrangement, the DRY guideline in which the engineer isn’t gathered to rehash a rationale. These standards are effectively advanced and upheld by Rails. It is based on MVC i.e. model-view-controller framework, which could be a benchmark for the improvement of web pages and web services. One of the key highlights which Ruby on Rails brings along is metaprogramming. There are a few highlights of Rails counting metaprogramming, which decrease the developer’s time, permitting him to concentrate on trade rationale. Not at all like a few other systems where the designer should do coding from scratch, metaprogramming gives the designer an edge, for overwhelming assignments. The routine approach is favored over the arrangement, which can ease a developer’s life. Features:
  • Symbol Garbage Collector: Ruby on rails support symbol garbage collector this collects the symbols which prevent your system from several attacks.
  • Keyword arguments: The keyword arguments helps the Ruby application to reduce the memory consumption.
  • Turbolinks: Maybe you have experienced, sometimes webpage loads very slowly because it tries to load the whole page but ROR supports Turbolinks that will only load the content of the page so it is faster compared to load the whole page.
  • Rendering: Before the rails 5 we have to render by using gem render_anywhere but after the Ruby 5 we can render views from anywhere.
  • URLs Customization: In Ruby we can customized the browser’s friendly URLs.
On the basis of Google trends:
laravel Ruby on Rails
Laravel is composed with PHP, having a straightforward learning bend, gives scopes to creativity. Rails composed with Ruby, is consistent with prepared designers, with a soak learning curve.
Laravel has a few superb highlight like Edge which could be a layout motor, which can too utilize PHP code straightforwardly in view. Rails enchantment highlight is its back for third-party plugins i.e. Ruby gems, which help within the improvement and are well documented.
Laravel is superior suited for execution and adaptability . Rails is less scalability.
Laravel is superior for web application with built-in verification capabilities . Rails brilliant include for web application within the frame of CoffeeScript, a built-in inactive compilation tool.
Laravel has an MVC design, having its claim CLI called as Artisan, which can perform assignments like moving databases, clearing cache etc. Rails is bolstered by same MVC design, having information taking care of highlights with ActiveRecord.
Laravel is suited from undertaking level extend having complex trade rationale to little websites Rails is great for metaprogramming dialect and web application composed for little projects.

Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2020
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