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What is a MAC address?MAC is the abbreviation of “Media Access Control” and it is a 48-bit physical address associated with every networking device. It… Read More
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Laravel Laravel is a PHP based framework. It is developed by Taylor Otwell June 2011 and it is free to open-source PHP web framework as… Read More
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The two back-end web frameworks i.e. Laravel, Django, and the run-time environment NodeJS helps in the development activities. All end up acquiring the same objective,… Read More
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Front-end Scaffolding means to create a basic structure for an application. Laravel provides a very simple way to change the front-end presets/scaffolding with any of… Read More
Laravel provides different ways to pass data to a view. We can pass data directly from routes or through the controller. Here are some of… Read More
Laravel is an MVC based PHP framework. In MVC architecture, ‘C‘ stands for ‘Controller‘. A Controller is that which controls the behavior of a request.… Read More
Validating the data coming from the user’s end is very important as it can help the user in filling proper data and prevent them from… Read More
In Laravel, Migration provides a way for easily sharing the schema of the database. It also makes the modification of the schema much easier. It… Read More
Laravel is an MVC based PHP framework. In MVC architecture, V stands for View. The View is data that is going to be displayed to… Read More
The database is an important element in any application. Laravel by default provides the support of MySQL. MySQL is a well known, open-source RDBMS (Relational… Read More
Laravel is an MVC based PHP framework. In MVC architecture, ‘M’ stands for ‘Model’. A Model is basically a way for querying data to and… Read More
Artisan is a command-line interface that Laravel provides which helps in making the production process fast and easy. Laravel has its own Command Line interface… Read More