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Difference between Information Technology and Communication Technology

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2021
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1. Information Technology :
Information Technology, as name suggests, refers to anything related to computing technology that is used by businesses to ensure that their departments run smoothly. It helps business and enable organizations to work more effectively and efficiently as well as increase productivity. It simply involves development, maintenance and use of computer systems, networks, etc.

Example : Telephone, radio equipment, switches, TV systems, etc.

2. Communication Technology :
Communication Technology, as name suggests, refers to anything used to process and communicate information that enables modern computing. It simply refers to transfer of messages from one place to another among people or machines by use of technology. It provides more opportunities to communicate and collaborate. 

Examples : Blogs, tablet computers, social media platforms, live view stream, etc.

Difference between Information Technology and Communication Technology :

Information TechnologyCommunication Technology
It generally designs and maintain computer-based information systems.It generally designs and maintain technical systems of communication.
It simply uses computer to store, retrieve, transmit and process data or information.It simply transfers messages among people or machines using technology.
It includes processes and systems of learning and instruction, computer hardware and software, telephones, video equipment’s, etc.It includes computers, telephones, radios, cellular phones, satellite systems, and other devices.
It helps people to stay in touch with family and friends via e-mail, manage finances using spreadsheets and online banking, etc.It helps in making decision, solving problems, and controlling machines.
Its main purpose is to carry out work and achieve objective within an organization that in turn will improve productivity and efficiency.Its main purpose is to make exchange of ideas and information more efficient and easier so that one can share information quickly, save time and money by using technology to communicate.
It is all about how computers work and what they can do.It is all about facilitating communication among people.
Its component includes computer hardware, computer software, databases and warehouses, human resources and procedures, telecommunications.Its component includes encoding, channel, decoding, feedback.
It helps business in several ways such as cut costs, improve communication, streamline communication, facilitate strategic thinking, eliminate wastes, etc.It helps business in several ways such as make it easy to communicate with remote workers, fast method of communication during emergencies, one can communicate from anywhere in world, etc.


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