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Difference between .com and .net domain

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1. .com domain : 

The internet has made use of .com domains very popular. It is so popular that it can also be seen on the latest keyboard keys. The .com is a Top Level Domain. It is one of the first generic domains (as opposed to sponsored and restricted domains). It was basically introduced for use by the commercial entities, however, due to the non-restricted nature of the domain, it can be used by individuals and non-commercial entities. The prices of the .com domain names are pretty high due to their popularity. eg.,,,,,, 

Google has a .com domain Source –

2. .net domain : .net is also a type of generic top level domain. It was among the first domains introduced in 1985 (along with .com and .org). This type of domain was intended to be used by networking companies, database providers, hosting entities or internet service providers or similar such entities. It is now being used by all types of entities and individuals, due to its non-restricted nature. The .net domain is priced lower than .com domains due to it being less popular. Nowadays, in many cases, the .net domain names are used as an alternative to non-availability of the .com domain names. eg.,,,,,,, is the first domain name registered Source: 
Difference between .com and .net domain :

S.No.Basis of
1.Used forIt is used for general purpose and commercial sites (by for-profit entities).It is used by networking-based companies or entities such as Internet Service providers and similar infrastructures, by miscellaneous organizations or when the preferred name in .com domain is exhausted. is more popular than .net.It is less popular than .com.
3.RegistrationThe registration is handled by Verisign. The domains can be handled by other registrars (e.g. Google, Go Daddy), however, they ultimately have partnerships or affiliations with registrations are also handled by Verisign.
4.CostIt is costlier than .net (due to the popularity of .com domains).It is cheaper than .com (due to .net being less popular).
5.Top Level Domain (TLD)It is a top level domain (TLD). It is one of the first domains ever created. It is also a generic domain. Generic means it can be used for general purpose.It is a generic top level domain (gTLD). It is one of the first domains ever created for generic use.
6.PurposeIt was intended to be used by commercial entities.It was introduced to be used by networking organizations.
7.Derived FromIt has been derived from the word commercial. It was intended for commercial entities.It has been derived from the word networking. It was intended for networking entities such as ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
8.Registry websiteThe registry website is registry website is, that is similar to .com registry site because both are handled by the same unity, Verisign.
9.First siteThe first site ever registered under .com domain is first site ever registered under .net domain is
10.ExamplesExamples :,,,,,, :, www., www., www., www.,, www.,
  • Popularity- People will automatically type .com extension when searching for your website.
  • Trust- Using .com, reflects business-oriented website that gives trust to the customers.
  • Easy to type- It is mobile friendly as the keyboard is having a dedicated button of .com.
  • Inexpensive
  • It is an excellent choice for the businesses in networking.
  • It is easily available as compared to .com for registration.
  • As .net extension is best for networking services and for internet service providers so potential clients would quickly associate with your sector and thus helps in marketing.
  • The .com is not easily available as it is being already used by websites.
  • It is not suitable to use for those websites that are for specific location (like India, UK) as it represents general domain. 
  • As .net extension is solely related to technology services so not much in use.
  • It costs more as compared to .com.

Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2022
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