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Difference between CloudMe and Jumpshare

Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2022
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1. CloudMe: 
CloudMe is a file storage service which is provided by CloudMe AB. It provides file synchronization, cloud storage and client software. It was founded by Daniel Arthursson in 2011. Initially it was named iCloud but later Apple acquired that name. It offers 3 GB free storage space. It provides limited storage space for premium accounts. Its biggest competitor is Dropbox. 

2. Jumpshare: 
Jumpshare is a file sharing service provided by the Jumpshare Incorporation. It enables the users to upload files from the personal computers and web. It provides both free and premium services. It offers 2 GB free storage space. It was launched by Jumpshare Incorporation in 2012. In Jumpshare, initially users did not need to sign up to upload the files but later on sign up was made compulsory. 

Difference between CloudMe and Jumpshare :

It is owned by CloudMe AB. It is owned by Jumpshare Incorporation.
It was launched in 2011. It was launched in 2012.
It offers 3 GB free storage space. It offers 2 GB free storage space.
CloudMe maximum storage size is 500 GB for paid personal and 5 TB for paid business plan. Maximum storage size is only 2 TB here.
Maximum file size is 150 MB for free and 2 GB for paid business plan. Here maximum file size is 250 MB for free, 20 GB for paid plus plan and unlimited for Business and Enterprise plan.
It does not provide real-time file sharing with inbuilt utilities. It provides real-time file sharing with inbuilt utilities for screenshots, notes and voice clips.
It does not support remote uploading. It supports remote uploading.
Sign up is mandatory from the very first version of it. Its initial versions didn’t need sign up but later on it was made mandatory.
It has no traffic or band-width limit. It has traffic or band-width limit of 10 GB per month for free and 200 GB per month for paid.
It provides additional 500 MB for referrals up to 19 GB of free space. There is no referral system here for gaining free storage space.

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