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Difference between CDMA and GPRS

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Computer network is a set of associated computers. Computers in an organization are called hubs. The association between PCs should be possible by means of cabling, most normally the Ethernet link, or fibre optic link. Associations can likewise be remote; you’ll hear the term wi-fi to portray data sent by means of radio waves.
Associated computers can share assets like admittance to the Internet, printers, document servers, and others. An organization is a multipurpose connection, which permits a solitary computer to accomplish beyond what it could with practically no connection. 


CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is an approach to giving every client of a channel an alternate code, so they can all send (or get reactions) simultaneously, and the wide range of various clients’ transmissions (to and from them) are simply commotion to every other person.


General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) is a best-exertion bundle exchanging conventions for remote and cell network correspondence administrations. It is viewed as the best exertion since all bundles are given similar needs and the conveyance of parcels isn’t ensured.


Difference between CDMA and GPRS

CDMA upholds both UDP and TCP while GPRS upholds just client datagram convention.




1.CDMA is around 400 millisecondsThe typical dormancy on GPRS is around 1.3 seconds
2.CDMA allocates a public IP address GPRS empowers to ride the web from a cell phone.
3.CDMA upholds both UDP and TCPGPRS upholds just User Datagram Protocol
4.CDMA allows a public IP address CDMA is better on the grounds.GPRS depends on Network Address Translation and a private IP address is relegated to it.
5.CDMA( Code division different access) is an innovation that assists numerous single sign transmissions with diverting dissimilar to GSM.GPRS is combined with FDMA and TDMA. The 100 individuals who need to impart can be isolated into five gatherings of 20 each in various rooms where they can convey consistently in a line.
6.Overall transporters utilizing Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) offer preferred inclusion over GSM/GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS) communicates and gets information in parcels and is utilized to support remote information transmission over GSM organizations.
7.The CDMA’s major use is 824 MHz to 894 MHz frequency bandThe GPRS major use 1900, 1800, 900, and 750 MHz frequency bands.
8.CDMA communicate very well in voice and data connections.GPRS is a much faster connection to users compared to others.

Advantages of GPRS

  • Give rapid information administration.
  • Support bursty applications like email, traffic, telemetry, broadcast administration, and web perusing.
  • GPRS offers quick association set up an instrument to offer an impression of being generally on subsequently the GPRS gadgets are alluded to as associated 100% of the time.

Disadvantages of GPRS

Most GPRS associations run more slowly than 56K associations on the PC as a result of the limits of the GPRS innovation, Although certain improvements exist that assist with increasing present expectations, the speed doesn’t measure up to utilizing the wired organization association or the elective versatile Internet association.

Advantages of  CDMA

  • One of the principal benefits of CDMA is that dropouts happen just when the telephone is something like two times as distant from the base station. Along these lines, it is utilized in the country regions that GSM can’t cover. 
  • Another benefit is its ability; it has an exceptionally high ghostly limit that it can oblige more clients per MHz of data transmission.

Disadvantages of CDMA

  • In CDMA, time synchronization is required.
  • It can’t offer overall wandering, an immense GSM advantage.
  • The CDMA system execution degrades with a development in the number of clients.
  • An association of CDMA isn’t grown-up since it is tolerably new with GSM.

Last Updated : 19 May, 2022
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