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Difference between GPS and GPRS

Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2023
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GPS stands for Global Positioning System. whereas GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. GPS is used for the satellite based navigation systems, mapping as well as GIS etc. Whereas GPRS is used for video calling, Email accessing, multimedia messaging etc. The distinction between GPS and GPRS is that, GPS is satellite based navigation system. On the other hand, GPRS is employed for granting cellular primarily based information services. 
Let’s see the difference between GPS and GPRS:

1. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. On the other hand, GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service.
2. GPS is costlier than GPRS. While GPRS is less expensive.
3. There are 3 or more than 3 stations required in GPS. While there is one station required in GPRS.
4. Its main objective is to afford stand or locate services. While its main objective is to grant data as well as voice in mobile phones.
5. GPS can be utilize anywhere. While it can’t be utilize anywhere, it is only utilize in land in limited range.
6. GPS is publicized with many satellites. While it is publicized with terrestrial tower.
7. GPS can work with various technologies such as GSM, LTE, WiMAX, etc. The GPRS system is an integrated part of the GSM network switching
8. Applications of GPS are in exploration, surveying, mapping, etc. Applications of GPRS are in accessing emails, multimedia messages, video calls, etc.

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