Difference between Cache and Cookies

Both Cache and Cookies were fabricated to spice up up web site performance and to create it additional accessible through storing some data on the client-side machine.

The main difference between Cache and Cookie is that, Cache is used to store online page resources during a browser for the long run purpose or to decrease the loading time. On the other hand, cookies are employed to store user choices such as browsing session to trace the user preferences.

In above diagram, we can see that there are two option checked (one is for cache and another is for cookie) to delete the cache and cookies from browser. There is another option Always clear this when I close the browser given to clear the caches and cookies automatically when both boxes are checked.

Let’s see the difference between cache and cookies:

S.NO Cache Cookies
1. Cache is employed to store the web site content for the long run purpose. While cookie is employed to store user choices.
2. Cache’s website contents are stored in browser only. While cookie’s contents are stored in both server and browser.
3. It expires manually. While it expires automatically.
4. It consumes large space in terms of capacity. While it consumes less space in terms of capacity.
5. the types of cache are: Browser cache and proxy cache. While the types of cookies are: Transient and persistent cookies.
6. Cache stores the contents like html pages, images, Javascript, CSS etc. While cookie store the contents like browsing sessions and temporary tracking data.
7. Cache does not send the response with requests. While cookie sends the response with requests.

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