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DE Shaw Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2020
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Round 1:

First Round was a Coding round which included 2 coding Questions both medium type and 40 Aptitude Questions which were really hard to answer.

PlatForm _ Hackerrank

1-Find number of substrings in a string which contains ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’
2- 2nd Question was related to graph which could be solved using BFS and DFS
Aptitude Questions were really HardTotal 40 Questions
1- 20 Technical which covers areas like SQL, Networking, OS, Threading, BigO Complexity etc
2- 20 Logical which was based on Probability, Permutation and Logical Questions like in JEE Mains.
Round 2 – Code Pair
Palt_Form Hackerrank
This Round was online Coding and Interview Round in which you have to solve some Coding Questions in front of Interviewer and present the best optimal solution
Questions 1- Create Copy of a binary tree with an extra random pointer to any of its node
 I solved it using HashMap using O(N) time complexity but the interviewer wants O(log(N))
You first have to create a tree copy with left and right child storing mapping of an old pointer to new one  using HashMap and then map the random pointer in the new tree.
Question 2-
Delete all element in the linked list whose value is less than x
This was an easy one and you can easily pass all test cases
Technical Questions:
1- Garbage Collector in Java
2- Why we use static in Java
3-How HashMap are Implemented
I was able to answer all but lacked presentation style.

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