A data structure for n elements and O(1) operations

Propose a data structure for the following:
The data structure would hold elements from 0 to n-1. There is no order on the elements (no ascending/descending order requirement)

The complexity of the operations should be as follows:
* Insertion of an element – O(1)
* Deletion of an element – O(1)
* Finding an element – O(1)

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A boolean array works here. Array will have value ‘true’ at ith index if i is present, and ‘false’ if absent.

We create an array of size n and initialize all elements as absent.

void initialize(int n)
  bool A[n];
  for (int i = 0; i<n; i++)
    A[i] = {0}; // or A[n] = {false};

Insertion of an element:

void insert(unsigned i)
   /* set the value at index i to true */
   A[i] = 1; // Or A[i] = true;

Deletion of an element:

void delete(unsigned i)
  /* make the value at index i to 0 */
  A[i] = 0;  // Or A[i] = false;

Finding an element:

// Returns true if 'i' is present, else false
bool find(unsigned i)
    return A[i];

As an exercise, change the data structure so that it holds values from 1 to n instead of 0 to n-1.

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