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Cvent Interview Experience for Software Engineer FTE (On-Campus)

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Cvent visited our college on 19 September 2020. It was a virtual campus drive. There was a total of 5 rounds in the whole process.

First-round (Aptitude + Technical): There were a total of 30 questions to be done in 45 minutes which were from different topics like SQL, C++ outputs, and basics. If you know the basics you can easily clear this round. 24 students were qualified for the next rounds.  

Second round (Coding): There was a single question to be done in 1 hour. The question was a simple matrix question, Those who do the question with optimised approach were shortlisted for the next rounds. A total of 7 students was able to make it to the next round.

Third round (F2F interview): The Interviewer introduced himself and then started with the first question.

  1. You are given a queue of people with different heights with values > 0 and in between, there are trees with values -1. We have to sort the heights in decreasing order without disturbing the position of -1.

    Input: 3 2 -1 7 9 -1 6 5
    Output: 9 7 -1 6 5 -1 3 2  

    I gave him the brute force approach of taking the non-negative integers into another array and sort the array and then again put it back in the original. He was satisfied with the solution and asked me to code it.

  2. You are given a function randomgen() that gives us 0 and 1 with a probability of 50%. We have to change the probability of getting a 0 to 75% and 1 to 25%.

    I made another function and tried a naive approach for it. He asked me to code. He then DRY run my code with a test case after that he told me the efficient approach by using a logical operator(AND).

  3. He then asked me an SQL query by using joins and some theory questions about memory allocation of objects and variables and types of joins.

5 students made it to the next round.

Fourth round(F2F interview): The interviewer directly moved to data structure questions.

  1. Delete an nth node from the end of the linked list. I gave him 2 pointer approaches, and he was satisfied and didn’t ask to code.
  2. Implement 3 stacks in an array. I gave him an approach, and he dug into it to get all possible cases.
  3. Check if a string contains a duplicate character. I gave him an approach through set STL then explained him solution with an array of size 256. He then asked me to give a solution without using any additional array. I was unable to answer it.
  4. Given a stream of integers, you have to find a maximum of 4 elements at any point in time. I gave him the maxheap approach first then corrected it by giving the minheap approach, He then asked me to do it without the use of any STL or inbuilt function, I gave him another approach by using 4 variables he was satisfied, then he asked me time and space complexities of all the solutions and comparison between them.

After this round 3 students were qualified for the last round.

Fifth round(Aptitude and Personality test): It was a CCAT test in which the aptitude contains 50 questions to be done in 22 minutes and the personality test has no time limit. The aptitude test was easy to medium level you have to qualify by doing 25 above correct questions in a given time.

Finally, all 3 students were selected for the fulltime offer. I was one of them 🙂

Hope it Helps.

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Last Updated : 14 Oct, 2020
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