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Creating a Rainbow using Graphics Programming in C

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  • Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2019
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In Turbo C graphics we use graphics.h functions to draw different shapes(like circle, rectangle etc), display text(any message) in different format(different fonts and colors). By using graphics.h we can make programs, animations and also games. These can be useful for beginners.

Functions Used :

  • delay(n): A function from dos.h header file is responsible for holding of the program for a while depending upon given value n.
  • setcolor(n): A function from graphics.h header file which set the color of pointer(cursor).
  • arc(x,y,a1,a2,r): A function from graphics.h header file which draw an arc with (x,y) as centre (a2-a1) as angle and r as radius.


// A C program to make a rainbow. This program would only
// work in Turbo C compiler in DOS compatible machine
// function for making of rainbow
void rainbow()
    // auto detection
    int gdriver = DETECT,gmode;
    int x, y, i;
    // initialize graphics mode(passed three arguments to
    // initgraph function)
    // &gdriver is the address of gdriver variable, &gmode is
    // the address of gmode and
    //  "C:\\Turboc3\\BGI" is the directory path where BGI files are stored
    x = getmaxx() / 2;//finding centre x-ordinate of screen
    y = getmaxy() / 2;//finding centre y-ordinate of screen
    for (i=30; i<200; i++)
        // delay function under dos.h for holding the
        // function for some time
        // selecting  color for making of rainbow
        // making of arc with fixed centre and increasing radius
        arc(x, y, 0, 180, i-10);
// driver program
int main()
    return 0;


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