C++ program to append content of one text file to another

Given source and destination text files. Append the content from source file to destination file and then display the content of destination file.

Example :

Input : file.txt : "geeks", file2.txt : "geeks for"
Output: file2.txt : "geeks for geeks"

1) Open file.txt in inputstream and file2.txt in outputstream with append option, so that the previous content of file are not deleted.
2) Check if there’s an error in opening or locating a file. If yes, then throw an error message.
3) If both the files are found, then write content from source file to destination file.
4) Display the content of destination file.





// C++ implementation to append
// content from source file to
// destination file
#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;
// driver code
int main()
    fstream file;
    // Input stream class to
    // operate on files.
    ifstream ifile("file.txt", ios::in);
    // Output stream class to
    // operate on files.
    ofstream ofile("file2.txt", ios::out | ios::app);
    // check if file exists
    if (!ifile.is_open()) {
        // file not found (i.e, not opened).
        // Print an error message.
        cout << "file not found";
    else {
        // then add more lines to
        // the file if need be
        ofile << ifile.rdbuf();
    string word;
    // opening file
    // extracting words form the file
    while (file >> word) {
        // displaying content of
        // destination file
        cout << word << " ";
    return 0;



geeks for geeks

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