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Cloze Test in English – Meaning, Examples, Tricks, and Test Questions

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Cloze Test

Cloze Test

Cloze Test Meaning :

A Cloze test is a  sentence completion test. Candidates are required to make a choice from multiple alternatives for each word blanked out, not in a sentence but in the passage. Such types of questions are asked to check the candidate’s vocabulary power and the ability to understand the passage as a whole is assessed. Mainly 4-8 questions are asked from the cloze test topic in the exams, especially SSC, Bank, Insurance, and RRB exams. Candidates can score good marks easily in this section with sound reading aptitude. In this article, A few tips are discussed which may help you to tackle the cloze test questions, and for that, a sample passage is given for your reference.

For Example 

Que 1. There are _____ books on computer science in your school library, so you need to purchase them from the market.

a). a few

b). a little

c). few

d). the few

Answer: option c


Here option c will be the correct choice because “few” is used when we talk about a small quantity.

Cloze Test Tricks:

A passage consists of sentences that are logically related to one another. First of all, read the passage, try to get an idea of the content of the passage, and keep it in the background of your mind. 

  • Use the following tips to solve the cloze test.
    1. If you know the answer, immediately tick the correct answer. 
    2. When you do not know the answer exactly, make the right choice through the process of elimination. 

Elimination Technique: 

  • Step 1 : Check the words if any of them does not fit into the structure (eliminate it).
  • Step 2 : Analyse which of them does not fit in with the meaning (eliminate).
  • Step 3 : Apply your awareness to the remaining options of the usage of words.
  • Step 4 : Try finding out a clue in the sentence. Sometimes the clue is hidden in the next sentence or some sentences away.  
  • Step 5 : Even now, if the final answer is not reached, apply your logical skill and repeat step to reach the correct option. 


Cloze Test Questions with Answers for Practice :

Directions (1-11): In the following passage some words have been omitted. Select the most appropriate option for each blank.

India ranks 3rd    ….1……   renewable energy country attractive index in 2021. The country has set an ambitious target to    …..2…..    a capacity of 175 GW worth of renewable energy   ….3…   the end of 2022, which  ….4…..  to 500 GW by 2030. This is the world’s largest expansion plan in   ….5……  energy. India’s   ……6…..  renewable energy capacity has increased 286% in the  ……7……..   7.5 years and stands at more than 151.4 Giga Watts (including large Hydro), which is about 39 percent of the   ……8……   total capacity (as of 31st December 2021). The installed solar energy   …..9….    has increased by 17 times in the   …..10….. 7 years, and stands at 49.5 GW. The Renewable energy  …11….  capacity (including large hydro) has increased from 76.37 GW in March 2014 to 151.4 GW in December 2021, i.e. an increase of around 98%. India has achieved its NDC target with a total non-fossil-based installed energy capacity of 158.17 GW which is 40.2% of the total installed electricity capacity.

Que 1.  (a) in (b) on (c) for (d) between (e) none of the above 

Ans: (a)

Explanation: ‘In’ is the appropriate preposition to be used. In means expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else. So it is the correct word to be used.

Que 2. (a) obtain (b) achieve (c) make (d) create (e) build

Ans: (b)

Explanation: Both obtain and achieve are verbs and the difference between them is that obtain is to get hold of; to gain possession of, to procure; to acquire, in any way while achieve is to succeed in something. Since the context is of achieving something thus option b is the correct answer.

Que 3. (a) by (b) at (c) in (d) near (e) collecting

Ans: (a)

Explanation: The different meanings of prepositions are : 

at – for telling the exact time. 
on – for stating exact dates and days.
in – for a longer duration. So the correct answer to be used is ‘by’.
by- for indicating a deadline or the end of a particular time period.

Since the end of a particular time period is to be indicated thus for that ‘by’ should be used. 

Que 4. (a) just (b) hardly (c) forms (d) expands (e) grows

Ans: (d)

Explanation: The correct verb to be used here is ‘expands’. Grow means to become bigger while expand is to change (something) from a smaller form and/or size to a larger one. So as per the statement expands looks more suitable verb to be used as it makes the statement more meaningful.


Que 5. (a) tide (b) solar (c) wind (d) non-renewable (e)  renewable 

Ans: (e)

Explanation: According to the paragraph the word renewable is the most appropriate word to be used.  

6. (a) installed (b) linked (c) built (d) about (e) at 

Ans: (a)
Explanation: As per the passage the verb installed suits the statement more because ‘built’ is used for making something physically, i.e. tangible.


7. (a) would (b) before (c) last (d) past (e) previous

Ans: (c)
Explanation: As adjectives the difference between last and past is that last is final, ultimate, coming after all others of its kind while past is having already happened; in the past; finished. So the most appropriate word to be used is ‘last’


8. (a) sell (b) country’s (c) it’s (d)  (e) use

Ans: (b)
Explanation: The word “it’s” can be used but “country’s” is more appropriate than any other word because the total capacity of the country is the context of the passage. 


9. (a) capacity (b) ability (c) potential  (d) volume  (e) amplitude

Ans: (a)  

Explanation: The meaning of capacity implies potential, whereas ability implies possibility. Here the statement wants to imply the word potential, so the word capacity is appropriate to be used.


Que 10. (a) prior (b) latest (c) final (d) last (e) rear

Ans: (d)

Explanation: Again here the usage of last is as an adjective so option d is correct. 


Que 11. (a) inducted (b) invested (c) fix (d) fit (e)  installed

Ans: (e)
Explanation: As per the passage the verb installed is the most suitable word for this place to be used.

 911206824744 – 8869 

Frequently Asked Questions on Cloze Test (FAQ’s): 

Que 1. How many kinds of cloze tests are there?
Ans. There are two types of cloze tests:
(a) Fill in the blank types. 
(b) Incorrect words have to be replaced.

Que 2. How to score good marks in this section?
Ans. Following are some tips to score good marks in the cloze test:
• Work on stronger vocabulary
• Read newspapers and journals to make reading of passages faster. 
• While dealing with topic-based cloze test, try to obtain the context of the given paragraph
• Prepare prepositions and articles well along with their application. 
• Use the elimination method to answer questions, if there is any confusion. 


Que 3. How Cloze test are beneficial for learners?

Ans. Cloze exercises benefit learners in a variety of ways, but three of the most essential are that they 

  • (1) have real-world applications, 
  • (2) give learners natural-like circumstances, and 
  • (3) may be flexibly and individually adapted to meet learning needs. 


Que 4. One can afford to leave such questions in exams or not?

Ans. This question is totally subjective. But to score more and want to secure a good rank then you must have to ace all the topics carefully. 


Que 5. What are the fast methods to ace this topic?

Ans. To Ace this topic one must read the newspaper daily, write down all the new words and revise them, again and again, to be coherent with their usage. Try to observe how writers write the article and what are the permanent prefixes/suffixes of certain words or verbs.


Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2023
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