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CISM Certification: An Ideal Way to Pursue an Honourable Career

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CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) is a certification designed by ISACA (Information Systems Council Audit and Control Association) for the IT security professionals. These certified professionals mostly looked at the information security of organizations involves in designing and development of the security practices and policies. 

Earning the CISM certification is one of the most effective methods for showing expertise in data security management. It enhances the value of the candidate’s profile and provides an honorable career in the long run. Certified professionals can be appreciated and get recognition inside the organization for their quality work. 

Eligibility Criteria for CISM Certification 

Candidates who want to be CISM certified must comply with ISACA’s code of professional ethics. It is required for an individual to have work experience of 5 years in the information security domain. The work experience should be gained in the time duration of ten years before the application date of the certification. To pursue the certification,3 out of 5 years of work experience should be as an information security manager. 

The CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) exam includes 200 multiple-choice questions in which the scoring scale is between 200-800. To pass the exam, 450 is the minimum score. This specific score indicates the persistent standard of knowledge set by the certification committee of ISACA’s. 

The Exam of CISM covers 4 Major Areas

  1. Information compliance and risk management. 
  2. Information security management. 
  3. Information security instance management. 
  4. Information security program development and management. 

Job Opportunities for CSIM Certified Professionals

CSIM certification opens multiple doors for experts as they gain specialization. The job roles that would be available for these individuals are- 

  • Administrative positions 
  • Technical roles 
  • Systems auditing 
  • Information Security risk assessment 
  • CEO, CFO, and others 

Salary Package of a Certified CSIM Professional

The salary of a CISM certified professional is between $52,000 to $250,000. In the initial stage, the salary might be low but later it can be increased. Candidates who already handled several projects and have many years of experience can expect to get five figures or six-figure salary. 
Depending on the number of relevant work experience and type of IT security projects, professionals can get high compensation, bonus, and other major benefits no matter it is an entry-level or a senior position. 

Organizations are looking for CISM certified professionals to handle different segments like security risk management, information security & infrastructure, managing security policies, network security management, security detection, testing and auditing, and IT Management. 

CISM certification holders can better understand the business. They can manage and use different technologies in their organizations and industries. It is easy for them to find out serious issues and adapt company-specific practices to resolve them. Therefore, a certified information security manager is a highly desirable position as it has an appealing ability to resolve organizational security incidents. 

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Last Updated : 17 May, 2020
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