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Chegg Interview Experience | Senior Software Engineer

  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020
Geek Week

Chegg Inc is an MNC set up in Delhi with headquarters based out in Santa Clara, California. It’s one of the best workplaces to work in NCR and hires from reputed colleges/companies. The interview level is medium. 

Chegg Inc: 

I have 6 years of experience in Java. So the below experience is for a Senior Software Engineer profile. 

Round 1: I had an online screening round over Skype.  They give some real-life problems, and we have to write production-ready code in 30 minutes over collab. Emphasis is on problem-solving and using the right data structures. The complexity of the problem is medium. 

I was asked below question:

  • There are 10 horses in a race with 5 checkpoints (C1, C2, C3, C4, C5). We have to design a method that takes in input as Checkpoint no, and we have to return the order in which horses crossed that particular checkpoint. 

The interviewer was quite friendly and patient. 

Round 2 (F2F): 

  1. Design Metro LLD. I was asked to design LLD for a Metro System. Design model and APIs which can return me the total fare of a journey, available points in the smart card, whether a recharge is required and similar conditions were provided. The focus was on entities’ design and SOLID principles. 
  2. Write code to demonstrate the Builder Access pattern. 
  3. Some questions around various Design patterns used. 
  4. Knowledge-based questions on JAVA, Rest APIs. Knowledge of Graphql was a bonus to me. 

Round 3 (F2F): This round focussed on Data structures and HLD 

  1. Write code to design a stack which includes Min, push and pop operations in O1 
  2. Left view of the tree 
  3. Write code to implement LRU cache. How will you modify it to get the best performance in a multithreaded environment? 
  4. Questions around use-cases, where to use synchronous vs asynchronous systems. 
  5. Concepts around consistent hashing. 

Round 4 (Hiring Manager): Here the focus will be on HLD and behavior. Different use cases can be given to design a system 

  1. Design a security system. 
  2. Design a scoreboard like a dashboard showing the highest number of bookings for trains/hotels. 

Both of the HLD questions had concepts using Kafka queues, SQL vs NoSQL. So just focus on using the right technology and solution. If you want to use a particular solution, you should be able to answer why you feel so. 

Then there were a lot of behavioral questions. 

  1. Have you ever led a team? 
  2. How do you handle a conflict with team 
  3. How do you handle a conflict with manager 
  4. Example of ownership. 

And I was told on the same day that interview went positive. And got feedback from HR within 2 days. 
The overall experience was good. People were very friendly and professional. HR has already booked slots beforehand. So there was no extra waiting.  After a week of negotiations, the final offer was rolled out.

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