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Characteristics of Good User Interface in Software Engineering

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User Interface Design :

The interaction of the user to the software program viable through the user interface design of the software program. There is no software that does not have a user interface. As it deals with the user interaction with the software, so it is a very important portion of the development of any software. In many applications, 50% of the overall improvement attempt is most effective at the person interface part.

User Interface Design Process

Characteristics of a Good User Interface Design :

Speed of learning :
A good user interface design is easy to learn. The learning speed is just progressed by using complex syntaxes and semantics of the command issue procedures. There is no need to learn the commands by users in a good user interface. A good user interface also does not allow its user to remember information of different screens while doing any task

The following two methods are crucial to enhance the speed of learning :

  • Use of metaphors and intuitive command names –
    Metaphor is just like the abstraction of items like real-existence that is used with inside person interface. If textual content editor of the person interface makes use of the identical ideas or we will say equipment for the modifying of textual content like reducing strains and paragraphs and additionally pasting distinctive textual content at distinctive places, then it could be without difficulty associated through the person. 

    There is likewise any other form of famous metaphor known as a buying cart. A buying cart is utilized by the person with inside grocery store for diverse alternatives at the same time as buying distinctive items. For the designing of scenario wherein a comparable form of alternatives are to be made through client and a person interface makes use of buying cart metaphor for this purpose, then the customers can without difficulty apprehend and discover ways to use interface. Learning also can be stepped forward through the use of intuitive command names and symbolic command trouble procedures.
  • Component-based interface –
    It may be smooth for the person to apprehend if  brand new interactive fashion of the interface turns into very just like interface of different programs which can be already acquainted to the person. This is viable most effective if the improvement of distinctive interactive person interfaces is through the use of a few preferred interface components.

Speed of use :
The speed of use of a user interface is determined by time and efforts used to initiate and execute different commands. It is sometimes referred to as productivity support that in which much time user can perform his task. To initiate and execute different commands, there must a less requirement of user and time effort. It can only be possible achieve by using a properly designed user interface.

Speed of recall :
After using the interface many times, speed to recall any command increases automatically. The speed should be maximized with which they recall command issue procedure. There are many ways to improve recalling speed like by using some metaphors, symbolic command issue procedures, and intuitive command names.

Error prevention :
As we understand prevention is higher than cure. So to accurate mistakes, it’s far greater useful to save you mistakes. A good user interface have to reduce scope of committing mistakes all through the use of various instructions. By tracking mistakes which took place through common customers, mistake charge may be without difficulty decided. By automating the person interface code with tracking code that is beneficial in recording frequency and blunders sorts and after that show the information of blunders of mistakes dedicated through users.

Aesthetic and attractive :
As we all know attractive things gain more attention. Thus, a good user interface should be attractive to use. Thus, graphics-based user interfaces are in great demand over text-based interfaces. 

Feedback : 
Providing remarks to the moves of the person facilitates person to apprehend processing of the system. If any request of user takes more than a few seconds then user starts to panic, that is what is happening, if the proper feedback is providing to user, then he must know about his actions. Thus, a good user interface must contain feedback about the processing. 

Error recovery :
Error could be very common, all people can dedicate an blunders even specialists also can dedicate mistakes. Therefore, it’s also a responsibility of a great person interface to offer a undo facility in order that person can get better their errors at the same time as use of the interface. If the mistakes can’t be recovered through users, they experience irritated, helpless, and low.

User guidance and online assist :
A good user interface s one which additionally offers assist to its person after they overlook some thing like a command or while they may be ignorant of capabilities of the software program. It may be accomplished through supplying exact Users are seeking steering and on line assist to person after they want it.

Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021
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