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CarWale Interview Experience for SDE profile on Campus

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Round 1: It was an online coding round on Hacker rank. You have to complete 4 questions in 2 hours. 2 questions are easy and other 2 are moderate.

  1. Given an array  A[]  and an integer K . You have to count number of Pairs of number from the given number such that their difference is equal to given K. (Easy)  . For example:- A = [3 1 2] and K=1 then Ans=2 ([3, 2], [1, 2]).
  2. Given a linked list which has repeating numbers you have to return a linked list which contains a number only once . For Ex:- let say given linked list is H = 3->2->1->5->3->5->NULL then answer would be H = 3->2->1->5->NULL.(Easy)
  3. Given a string = “cprogrammerxyzprogrammer”. The string contains programmer word 2 times(order of each letter of programmer may or may not be in the order) and you have to find the difference between the index of two substrings if not then return -1. Answer for the given string is =3. Another example S = “oxrpfrasgammerprogrammer” for this case Ans=0. (Moderate)
  4.  This question is also related to Array, I don’t remember the exact question . It was also a Moderate questions.

More than 150 student gave the test . They shortlisted 31 student and 6 for wait list.

Round 2: (Technical Round 1)

He told me to explain the project. I explained him my project. And then he gave me some questions on DP and some questions on Data Structures. For every solution he asked me the time complexity and space complexity for each of my solutions and then he asked me to optimize the solutions if possible . Then some questions related to oops in c++. (around 2 hrs)


Round 3: (Technical Round 2)

First he asked me about Medium and Quora . Then he asked me to design Quora . He gave me time to think then after 10 minutes I stared explaining him the solution .  I explained him this for 45 minutes and the he asked me to optimize this .

After that he asked me why I am here in software engineering. Because I am from ECE department. (around 1 hrs)

Round 4: (HR)

He asked me to tell me everything from my 1st class to till today. He asked me about my family background. He asked me that how my friend think about me . How I think about them . He then gave me some situations and asked about the solution . We talked about 1 hours.

After that 10 students were selected . I was one of them .

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2018
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