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Capgemini Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021(Virtual)

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The new virtual process consists of three rounds

Round 1(Written Test): The written test was conducted in some kind of assessment tool provided by the superset platform. This round consists of 4 sections and the first three sections in this round are elimination rounds.

  1. Pseudo Code Section: This section comprises 25 MCQ’s which include the basic pseudocode questions and data structures related questions. The duration of this section is 25 min. And if you have cleared the cutoff required by them, then only you can attempt the verbal section in the written test.
  2. Verbal Ability Section: This section comprises 30 MCQ’s which include comprehensions, closets, and related to speech mostly. The duration of this section is 30 min. And if you have cleared the cutoff required by them, then only you can attempt the gaming section in the written test.
  3. Gaming Section: This section comprises four games randomly out of 24 games. I was given the below games to solve:
    • Switch challenge
    • Digit challenge
    • Motion challenge
    • Grid challenge.

    The maximum duration for this section is 22-24 minutes. We have to clear the minimum levels of each game to attempt the final section of the written test.

  4. Behavioral Section: This section comprises 100 MCQ’s approximately purely to assess your way of thinking and behavior. There is no limited time to complete this section and it is not an elimination round.

    After attempting the written test, they shortlisted 87 students which were released on 1st September. 49 of us were shortlisted for Technical round, 31 were shortlisted for HR interview and only 6 were shortlisted for coding round which was held on 2nd September.

  5. Note: There are chances of elimination even after attempting all sections of the written test, based on the performance in the gaming round.

    After 14 days, we were scheduled for interviews on a superset platform, mine was on Sep 15th and I was shortlisted for TR interview.

    Round 2(Technical Interview): I joined the call according to the assigned time slot.

    1. He asked me to introduce myself with education details and brief description of my project.
    2. What is my favorite core subject.
    3. He asked whether I had certification for c and c++.
    4. He asked whether I am interested to learn technologies like cloud computing and machine learning.

    There was not even single technical question asked for me. After completion of TR round, we got a mail to wait in superset platform, But after some time we got another mail stating that your interview process was now complete and you can logout of the superset platform. Yes for technical round students there was only TR no HR.

    After that the results came on that day night in which there were 73 students selected in final list. I am happy even my name was present at that list.

    And I had also purchased GeeksforGeeks Interview preparation course which helped me a lot. Thank you GeeksforGeeks.

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Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2021
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