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5 Best Free Disk Partition Software Tools

Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2023
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Disk partitioning can be a fragile and complex process with a high risk of disk crashes or virus attacks on user devices. Hence they are difficult to manage by the user alone or manually. This article elaborates on different Software tools that could help ease the process of disk partitioning, their features, and benefits. So let’s get started.


What are Disk Partition Tools?

Disk Partitioning or System Partitioning is one of the most important features of any operating system to keep the clean segregation of system files and user files in check. It helps in memory management effectively and helps install multiple operating systems like Windows and Linux together operating parallel on the same device for user convenience.

Where are Disk Partition Software Tools Used?

Disk Partitioning software tools act as a utility for Windows operating system to perform basic manipulations and operations on physical disk drive. It manages the data with high optimization, allocating deallocated memory in system and files, deleting partitions, and finally eases the functionality of working on Windows with no lag and hanging issues workstation.

Benefits of Disk Partitioning

There are several benefits of Disk Partitioning in Windows Operating System :

  1. Multiple OS on a Single System: One can install multiple operating systems on the same workstation clone issues. For example, Linux or Ubuntu can be parallelly operated on Windows Operating system by partitioning the hard disk.
  2. Easy Backup and Recovery: Disk Partition makes backup and recovery easy in vital situations where partitioning of hard disk separates actual system files from application files and using recovery and backup tools one can clone and the pick the same partition back during Windows crisis.
  3. Organized System Management: Partitioning of hard disk helps in better file and system organization and makes more dividers and small drives for different kinds of data stored in operating system and work machine. This benefit optimizes and smoothens the working of machine for user.

5 Best Free Disk Partition Software Tools

In this article, we’ll focus on 5 Best and Free Disk Partition Tools along with its features. Let us now explore different Software Tools available for Disk Partitioning.

1. Mini Tool Partition Wizard


Mini Tool Partition Wizard is an all-in-one free magic disk partition manager software that helps organize disk partitions and optimize performance of hard drives. This software helps in basic disk partition management operations like creating, deleting, merging,checking and resizing partitions. It keeps check on software security and is a free disk management software that measures the SSD performance, aligns the SSD working, and converts FAT to NTFS.


  • Software Security: It keeps check on Software Security.
  • Space Analyzer: This software also comes up with space analyzer option that analyzes the space for partition and partition benchmarking that monitors transfer speed during disk partitioning.
  • Hard Drive Performance: It optimizes the performance of hard drives in all storage types available on the user’s device.
  • Converts FAT to NTFS

NOTE: This robust disk partitoning software is available for Windows Operating System and Linux Systems.

2. AOMEI Partition Assistant


AOMEI Partition Assistant simplifies the process of partition and disk management providing the shrink and expand feature of the partition, and back performing manipulative operations like creating a partition, deleting a partition and editing the partition. This tool also has the ability to clean, split, move and merge disk partitions as well apart from basic operations. The limited features of this software tool come under free plan whereas the Professional and Pro plan comes under the price of $47.95.


  • Software Security: It keeps check on Software Security.
  • Cloning: The key feature of AOMEI Partition Assistant is its ability to clone the disk partitions created during the process resulting in an exact and duplicate copy for the backup.
  • Shrink and Expand Feature
  • Converts NTFS to FAT32: This tool also converts NTFS to FAT32 with no data leak.


In today’s date, it is very hard for users to move all important data from old workstation to new workstation without any data loss or leak. Laplink PC Mover is a software tool that helps users to move system files, application files,Windows and settings to a new PC. It can transfer same system configurations, data, user profiles and even saved storage settings back to the new PC easily without any hassle or manual tension. It smoothens the disk management tension.

When user logs into the new PC using Laplink PC Mover, it feels just like the same PC. This tool eases down the transfer nightmare for users on Windows operating system only.


  • Automated Re-connection: It allows automated reconnection of workstation without any re-installation hustle after the partition.
  • One can edit, expand, delete partition, shrink, or add partitions easily.
  • The partitions are processed with the same and monotonous layout structure.
  • Smooth and User-friendly interface.

NOTE: This Software Tool is available for Windows Operating System only.

4. Paragon Partition Manager


Paragon Partition Manager is a backup and recovery tool that can clone operating system and manage partitions as well. It makes partition management easy without any hustle or hard debugging. This manager tool recovers the loss of partitions as well and adjusts the partition by sliding right or left to segregate the partition to get the exact customized size of partition the user requires.


  • Recovering loss of Partitions.
  • Redistributing waste space of partitions and allocating them systematically.
  • Checks for partition errors and debugs them easily.
  • Hard Disk Performance: Optimizes hard disk performance very effectively on Windows.

NOTE: This Software Tool is available for Windows Operating System only.


Resize-C is one of the best disk re-distribution management software that expands, shrinks, merges or segregates partitionsreformats without losing data effectively. It reorganizes disks, reformats with disk operations and increases boot volume. This software is only compatible with Windows operating system only.


  • Rollback Feature: The rollback feature protects data security and secures the disk partition even if your workstation shuts down accidentally.
  • Cloning: It clones the disk drives and converts dynamic file systems very efficiently.
  • This tool expands and shrinks hard disk by amplifying the booting volume and saving the workstation from reformatting the disk or reinstalling the operating system again.

NOTE: This Software Tool is available for Windows Operating System only.


Disk Partitioning organizes the data according to user convenience and requirements where tools discussed above will help users to partition their one single physical hard disk easily. This will make the life of user and Operating System easy without any hassle with less hard debugging.

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FAQs on Disk Partition Software Tools

1. Which is the Best Disk Partition Software Tool?

The according to users, best tools for Disk Partitioning for Windows are:

  1. MiniTool Partition Wizard
  2. AOMEI Partition Assistant
  3. Paragon Partition Manager

These tools provide numerous features like Hard Disk Performance, Security Check, Cloning etc along with basic functions that includes – creating, editing and deleting partitions.

2. Which is the Best Disk Partition Tool for Linux/Mac?

Some of the best Disk Partition tools for Linux/Mac are as follows:

  1. GParted
  2. FDisk Partition Manager
  3. Disk Utility

These software tools are compatible with all Mac and Linux versions. They provide all necessary functions and features required for partitioning.

3. How many times can we Partition a Disk?

Several partitions on a disk depend on the disk’s partitioning method. There are 2 methods for partitioning hard drives – MBR and GPT.

You can make 4 primary partitions if the disk is MBR or 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition is allowed for GPT.

4. Does Disk Partitioning Improve Performance?

The effect in the performance depends on the partition operation executed. Operations like – creating multiple partitions, enlarging, adjusting, and segregating could possibly increase the computer’s performance as long as it is done properly. These operations segregates Operating System and program data that create more space and increase performance.

5. Is MiniTool Partition Completely Free?

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a completely free tool. This software helps in basic disk partition management operations like creating, deleting, merging and resizing partitions. It keeps checking on software security and is a free disk management software that measures the SSD performance, aligns the SSD working and converts FAT to NTFS.

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