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Basic Principle of Root Cause Analysis

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is one of main problem-solving techniques. It basically helps organizations in improving software quality that leads to organizational improvement by reducing number of defects in system. It is a systematic process of identifying major cause (root cause) of problems or defects and a helpful way for resolving them. Eliminate main cause of defect, so that one can reduce re-occurrence of defect. This is where RCA concept and tools are required and are very useful. This technique helps in following ways :

  • It improves reliability.
  • Continuously challenges defects and problems that are costly.
  • Prevent defects from re-occurrence in future.
  • Monitor and maximize return on business investments.

Basic Principle of RCA :

  1. Main aim of RCA is to determine main cause of problem after which one can identify and take corrective measures and actions that will help eliminate main cause of defect. Due to this, we can prevent future-re-occurrence of defect.
  2. One should be very focused on determining and identifying corrective measures that are needed to be taken for better and effective result rather than simply treating symptoms of defect on system.
  3. Investigation process is very essential and critical process. It requires appropriate procedures to be followed for successful and correct results. Similarly, for better results, one should perform RCA process in a very effective manner with full focus and follow procedures.
  4. We know that there is always a reason or cause of something to happened or occur. Defects are not something that arises without any reason. There are some mistakes either in process, system, requirements, etc. that have led to defect occurrence. Therefore, one needs to understand that for every defect, there is at least one root cause that resulted in occurrence of that particular defect. Yes, there might be some difficulty to find it, but one should give full effort and should have that much stamina to identify it.
  5. For better-understanding relationship among factors that contributed, main cause and defect being define, analysis needs to develop a sequence of timeline or events.
  6. Main focus should be on why defect occurred and what is major cause of defect rather than one who made error. Focus should be on How and Why defect occurred rather than Who is responsible.
  7. Yes, symptoms are too important and should be treated equally, but focusing only on symptoms is not correct. One should focus on finding corrective ways to solve defect rather than just focusing on symptoms.
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Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
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