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Bajaj Finserv Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021

Round 1(API Challenge): First-round was about an API challenge, in which we had to submit our name, email, contacts, and other details by using an API given by the company.

Tips: Some basic knowledge about API is enough to get through this round.

Round 2(Coding Round): Second round was a coding test that had 15 multiple choice questions related to the domain you applied for (Android app developer in my case) which also had 3-4 basic reasoning questions.

Tips: Both questions are based on dynamic programming and fall into the moderate level, kindly practice such types of questions from various websites like leetcode, GfG, etc. there are high chances you might encounter a question similar to what you may have already solved before.

Round 3(Technical Interview): Third round was a technical interview with the panel. They asked me about various topics and the whole process was smooth.

  • Questions from the project (my project was a full-stack social network app using a flutter-firebase environment) were about encryption and hashing algorithms, difficulties I faced and how did I solve them, did I contribute to any team project, etc.
  • Next set of questions were from basic programming concepts like OOPS and OS, the difference between a hash map and a hash table (, cycle detection algorithm in a linked list (, merge sort vs. quick sort, and which one is better for the case of a linked list(
  • Then the panel asked me to implement a few OOPS concepts in real life and justify them, here I gave an example of a chess game (as it has a grid, several public pieces with their private moves, certain rules to follow and justified them in terms of polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation. The panel seemed satisfied to me.
  • Then they concluded the interview by asking if I had any questions for them, I asked how does a fresher like me can grow in your company as an app developer, they answered very briefly and I was satisfied too.


  • You should be very clear about each and every word in your resume and do not panic no matter what they ask. 
  • If you don’t know the answer to some question, try to think for a few seconds and think out loud, say what you are thinking. 
  • If you can’t get an answer within 4-5 seconds then just accept it and say that you don’t know about this question and the interviewer will most probably help you with hints or they may even change the question for you. So, do not panic.

Round 4(HR Interview): This was a telephonic interview with HR. 

  • The call lasted for about 5-6 minutes and he asked me about my background, what are my favorite subjects and what are my future plans.
  • Then I was asked if I am willing to relocate for the job, I agreed and received the internship offer for BAJAJ Finserv.

Tips: Just be yourself and do not try to sugar coat things. Be polite and answer everything confidently without panicking. All the best!

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