Bajaj Finserv Interview Experience for Internship

Bajaj Finserv came in our campus for internship. The allowed branches were Comp and IT.

There were three roles for which they were hiring.Python, frontend and backend. We had to choose one of the three beforehand as the apti was based on whatever you choose, the apti was held on hackerearth and consisted of 2 coding questions and some MCQs for each of the section. Around 70 people appeared for apti, out of which 2 to 3 were selected for each position for the next round.

There was only one interview which was technical plus HR consisted of questions related to the how did you solve questions in apti, the projects on your resume, domain specific questions based on the role that you chose and the usual HR questions.

I would suggest to brush up on basics of the domain/role you are choosing.Total 4 people were selected.

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