Auto comment on a facebook post using JavaScript

In this article, we are going to learn how to comment automatically in a Facebook post. You can use this method to wish your friends a happy birthday or just comment on anything. It is useful when you want to comment a number of times on a post. You just need to specify the count and message that will be automatically commented on a time-interval. Also, you don’t need to install anything for this method to work.


  1. Initialize count and message value.
  2. Then define an interval function which will be called each time.
  3. Make an input variable that points to the input field of comment section.
  4. Make a submit variable that points to the comment button.
  5. Since, comment button is disabled by default, so first enable it.
  6. Set the message to be written in input.
  7. Click on the submit.
  8. Decrement the count.
  9. If count become zero, then clear the interval function.
  10. Set the time interval of 10000ms, it means the function will be called after each 10 seconds.

Below are the steps:

  • Go to facebook page using
  • Sign in and open any post.
  • Open developer mode in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Navigate to the console.
  • Now, run the below script.




var count = 100;
var message = "Hi";
var loop = setInterval(function(){
    var input = document.getElementsByName("comment_text")[0];
    var submit = document.querySelector('button[type="submit"]');
    submit.disabled = false;
    input.value = message;;
    count -= 1;
    if(count == 0)
}, 10000);




Note: Please ensure that there is stable internet connection available, so that the script runs smoothly. Also ensure to visit facebook with not because this script works on mobile version of facebook only.

This tutorial is for educational purpose only, please don’t use it for disturbing anyone or any unethical way.


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