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AstraZeneca Interview Experience for Junior Engineer

  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020

The process took 2-3 days. They visited our campus virtually. The interview process consists of 3 rounds.

First Round: Logical and analytical MCQ questions mostly time-based sections. You’ve to manage time carefully else you will not have enough time to complete all the questions. Technical MCQ questions (Output finding questions ). Overall 50-60 got shortlisted among 2000+ students.

Second Round: Technical round based on resume, core Java scenario-based questions, some questions on projects. The interviewer gives scenarios and wants me to come up with an algorithm(pseudocode). Unexpectedly some behavioral questions also at the end of the interview. It lasts for 40 to 45 mins. Over 30 got shortlisted.

Third Round: Technical + HR round based on the simple hr related questions and on some oops concepts. Be clear in why you want to join AstraZeneca. People are friendly all through the process. Over 12 got selected and I’m happy that I was one among them.

Tips: Be clear about what you are and what you want. Most importantly They don’t have any explicit coding round. You’ve to be very clear with concepts. Be confident in your answers. All the best.

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