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Aricent Interview | Set 4 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2014
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There were 3 rounds consisting of Written, Technical Interview and HR round.

Written Round:
Aricent organized an online written test via amcat(aspiringminds). The questions were very easy. There were total 5 sections.

Section 1:
Questions on computer fundamentals were there. It comprised of questions from os, dbms, c etc. for example paging, referential integrity, output based on pseudo codes. Finding the distance moved by disk head in CSCAN algorithm in processing some requests. Brush up your basic concepts no need to go into details.

Section 2:
This was based on Quantitative aptitude. There were questions based on profit and loss like given SP and profit find CP, averages, HCF LCM, finding unit digits etc. This was an easy section just be through with all the formulas. But don’t spend too much time on one question otherwise you are gonna miss some questions.

Section 3:
This section was to test your English. Few questions asked the synonyms and antonyms of a given word. There were questions with fill in the blanks and you need to select the correct option, questions where some part was italicized and you need to replace it with some other phrase preserving the meaning of the word. Comprehensions were given and you need to give the answers.

Section 4:
This was based on logical ability. Questions were based on data sufficiency, blood relations, coding and decoding, direction test, linear arrangement, clocks. This section was easier than aptitude one.

Section 5:
This was based on programming. Pseudocode based questions were there. Output finding, Stacks, queues based questions were also there. Clear all programming and ds concepts. No language specific questions appeared.

This time there was no GD and Critical Incidence Form filling. There was some other form HR asked us to paste a passport size photograph, personal details, educational details, achievements/honors (if any), whether any problem with bond and job location preference, family member details, whether had any criminal history or not. This form was to be submitted with a copy of resume and copies of mark sheets graduation, school etc.

Technical Interview:

He first asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me to declare a static variable, a global variable and local variable. Then he asked their usage, memory storage, scope, lifetime etc. He asked me the difference between declaration and definition. Then he asked me to write a statement for allocating 40 bytes to an integer. I wrote it using malloc. Then he asked me to deallocate it. I write it using free(). He asked when you allocated memory you specified the size but when you deallocated it you didn’t mentioned the size, how come compiler able to deallocate only 40 bytes.

He then asked me to write a code for inserting a node at the end of a linked list where I am provided only with head pointer and handling all the cases. He also asked me to delete a given node from the same list. I did it in two scans. He said can you know how can you do it in only one scan, I said yes then he moved on.

He said an array is given containing only 0’s and 1’s in random order, you have to sort it. I knew this question so I said that I know this one. Then he moved on. He asked me how to check if there is a loop in a linked list. I knew this one too so he moved on. He then asked me that given two lists you have to merge them in a sorted order and asked me only the complexity. Then he asked me are you comfortable with networks, I said no. So he moved on to DBMS. He said have you used any tables in DBMS. I mentioned him about my project so he asked me which tables I used there and what all attributes were there. He was asking questions from my project. He asked me that any other project I have done, besides websites.Then I told him. Then he asked questions about nfas dfa etc. He then asked me to give a real world example of nfa.

HR interview:

She started with asking me to introduce myself. Then she asked me do you like to work on a specific technology, mobile applications and all. Then she asked me about my project which I explained to her from the scratch by giving examples. Then she asked me about whether I am comfortable in testing, I said yes I am comfortable with both testing and developing but I like to do coding. In the end she asked me if I have any problem with the bond and about job locations. That was it.

Geeksforgeeks helped me alot. So a big thanks to geeksforgeeks.

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