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Aricent Interview | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2014
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Aricent(On Campus) Recruitment Process Divided into 3 parts:

Round 1: Online Written test(AMCAT).
       1.1 English.
       1.2 Aptitude.
       1.3 Logical Reasoning.
       1.4 Computer Programming.
       1.5 Computer Science.

Round 2: Technical Interview.
Round 3 : HR interview.

Round 2 : Technical Interview question:
1) Write a structure for SLL that stores integer value. Then, she asked me to modify it to store value of any type i.e. integer char etc.. (using void pointer).
2) What is the difference between char a and char a[1]?
3) She asked about my favorite subject …I said ds and algo. Then, She asked me to write an algo to find the middle node in SLL.
4) Given only a pointer to a node to be deleted in a singly linked list, how will you delete it?
5) How will you check in SLL whether any node is corrupted or not? Can you correct it?
6) Explain Rat and maze problem. How will you solve it and what data structure you will use. She asked me to code it.
7) How to print something without using “;”.
8) In Networks, she asked what will happen if i type in browser (Basically, She was interested in headers and layers, Dns etc)
9) ARP and RARP, mac address and ip address.
10) In which layer Router and switches are used?
11) Puzzle : 3 bulb and 3 switches.
12) Puzzle : 26-63=1 (change only one digit up, down, right or left … do not change the value of digit)
(Ans : 2^6-63=1)

Round 3 : HR interview
1) Tell me About yourself.
2) About your family.
3) Questions From Resume.
4) In which area you want to groom yourself.
5) Preferred Job Location.

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