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Are Resources Free Gift of Nature?

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Resources are precious gifts of nature but are not free or unlimited, and should be used by humans with caution. A resource is characterized as a substance that is expected by a living creature for typical development, upkeep, and repetition. The super fundamental assets for creatures are food, water, and domain. For plants, secret weapons incorporate daylight, supplements, water, and a spot to grow. Natural resources refer to those resources which occur naturally in the environment and include elements like air, water, soil, and forests. These resources are very limited and should be utilized with care.

Is Resource Free Gift of Nature?

Resources can be polished off by a creature and, thus, become unreachable to different organic structures. Contest for asset changes from complete symmetric to pure estimate symmetric to totally measure off-centre. The level of size deviation significantly affects the construction and variety of biological networks, for example, in plant networks size-topsy-turvy contest for light strongly affects variety contrasted and strife for soil assets. The level of size imbalance significantly affects the construction and variety of natural networks. 

There are basic resources in nature are listed below:

  • Land
  • Water
  • Air
  • Sunlight

What are the Types of Resources?

There are mainly three types of resources are

  • Natural Resources
  • Man-made Resources
  • Human Resources

What are Natural Resources?

Natural resources are assets that are drawn from nature and utilized with not many adjustments. This contains the origin of esteemed attributes like business and modern use, tasteful worth, logical interest, and social worth. On Earth, it incorporates daylight, climate, water, land, all minerals alongside all vegetation, and creature life.

Again natural resources are classified into two types

  1. Renewable resources
  2. Non-Renewable resources

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q 1. Why is a resource not a free gift of nature?


Resources are not a free gift of nature as the resources are a important function of the human activities and humans form an essential component of the resources and help in the transformation of material which is available in environment.

Q 2. Which resources are gifts by nature?


Gifts by nature include fossil fuels, wind, water, sunlight so forth.

Q 3. What is the greatest gift of nature?


The greatest gift of nature is water.

Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2023
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