Amdocs Interview experience for Experienced candidate (2 – 5 yrs)

I had appeared for an interview at Amdocs Gurgaon, December 2018. I had applied through a consultancy.

1st Round : Online test

There were 40 questions on an online platform with the CAM switched on the entire duration of the test. There was only the option of browsing though the questions going forward / backward.

Topics : C++ fundamentals, output, error
1 programming question – find a loop in a linked list
Unix commands
SQL statements

Onsite Interview:

He asked me about what are my hobbies, where I am from, willing to relocate.
Then started with C++ fundamentals.
What all are by default available in class?
What are the types of Constructors?
Write a Copy constructor. (Why const keyword used in copy constructor)
Why do you need to do pass by reference in copy constructor?
What is difference between pass by value and pass by reference?

Can you overload assignment operator for this class.

Class Test { }
Test t2;
Test t1 =t2;
What will be called assignment operator overloaded function / copy constructor?

Write a function pointer.
How to allocate / deallocate dynamic memory
Inheritance / virtual function
SQL queries
Unix commands
Static variable / Global static variable
How will you change the value of a static variable.
I insisted on being tested for Data structure but he was more interested in C++ fundamentals.

P.S. Excited for my interview experience to appear on GeeksforGeeks. I am a geek.

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