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Amazon Web Services – Target Network with a Client VPN Endpoint

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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In this article we are going to look into how you can associate a target network with an AWS Client VPN Endpoint. 

To do so follow the below steps:

Step 1: After logging in to the AWS management console navigate to the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) console.

Step 2: In the navigation pane choose Client VPN endpoints and select the Client VPN endpoint to associate with the target network.

Step 3: Choose Associations and then choose Associate for VPC.

Step 4: Choose the VPC where the subnet is provisioned for subnet. To associate choose the subnet to associate with the client VPN endpoint. Then choose Associate.

When you associate the first target network with a client VPN endpoint the default security group of the VPC is applied in the associated subnet. After you associate the first target network you can change the security groups that are applied to the client VPN endpoint. The security group rules that are required depend on the VPN access you want to configure.

Step 5: Open the Amazon VPC console and in the navigation pane choose Client VPN endpoints.

Step 6: Select the VPN endpoint where you plan to apply the security groups. Choose Security groups. Select the current security group and then choose t Apply. Or select the security groups, then select the new security groups in the list, and then choose to apply security groups after you assure that there are no clients connected to the client VPN endpoint

You can disassociate unwanted target networks. 

Note: you need at least one target network for the clients to establish a connection to the client VPN endpoint when you disassociate all target networks the client VPN endpoint removes the route that was automatically created where the target networks were associated.

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