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Amazon Web Services – Setting Up an AWS Account

Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2023
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Amazon web services is a cloud service platform that provides on-demand computational services, databases, storage space, and many more services. AWS allows its user to choose products from its wide variety of services and use them on-demand with no upfront payment for most of the services. Individually an AWS service may lack some functionality but, given the right AWS architecture, AWS services can be easily integrated to make highly complex and robust applications. 

In this article, we will look into the process of creating & setting up an AWS Free Tier Account. Amazon is providing a number of various services in this AWS Free Tier account with some restrictions so that users can gain practical experience and a deeper understanding of AWS Cloud services. The AWS Free Tier’s main objective is to give users a year(12 months) of free access to AWS Cloud Services so they may get experience in how to use the services. There is a limit on how much we may utilize of each service included in the AWS Free Tier account before being charged.

Note: You’re not charged for any AWS services that you sign up for unless you’re exceeding the free Tier limit. (Turn off or Delete the services once you have done with your practice)

Set Up A AWS Free Tier Account

Step 1: First Open your web browser and search for AWS Login Console and click on the first link. As shown in the picture below 

AWS Login Console


Step 2: An AWS Login Console page will open now click on  Create an AWS Account.

Create an AWS Account


Step 3: A new AWS sign-in page will now open after selecting Create an AWS Account. Choose to Create a new AWS account. As shown in the image below

Create a new AWS aacount


Step 4: In order to use the feature to log into an AWS Free Tire Account, we must validate the email address and have to provide the AWS account name in this stage. After clicking on “Verify Email Address,” you will receive a verification code at the address you provided. Next, you must create a password for this account. Finally, click “Continue” to move on to the next stage. The pictures below show every step of the process.

Verify the email address


After clicking on “Verify Email Address,” you will receive a verification code at the address you provided.

Verification code


Next, you must create a password for this account. Finally, click “Continue” to move on to the next stage.

Creating Password


Step 5: We must include all of our contact information in this phase to make it easier for Amazon support personnel to get in touch with us about our AWS Account and any feature references. As shown in the image below.

Contact Information


Step 6: We must provide the credit/debit card information in this step. There is no reason to panic at this time. AWS won’t deduct any amount unless you pay it on your own. AWS may temporarily keep your identification that they will charge you only  2 Indian rupees.

Billing Information


Step 7: We have to verify our phone number in this phase. As seen in the image below, select “TEXT or Voice call” as the method for receiving your verification number, then complete the captcha by clicking on “Send SMS.”You will be sent to a screen where you must confirm the verification code you have received and click continue to proceed to the following stage. As seen in the pictures below.

Identity verification


Step 8: Enter the verification code you received on your mobile device, validate it, and then click Continue to move on to the following stage.

Code verification


Step 9: Choose the support strategy you want to use. We are setting up an AWS Free Tier Account so select the Basic Support option, which is cost-free and which AWS also suggests for new customers. The Basic Support Plan includes following

  • 24*7 self-service access to AWS resources 
  • Can access personal health dashboard 
  • It is free of cost
Support plan


After selecting a plan, click “Complete the sign up” as shown in the image.

Step 10: “Congratulation” Upon the creation of your AWS account, you can sign in by clicking Click Sign into the console once more, input the email address that you provided, your password, and then click Sign in as shown in the accompanying image, where you can see AWS Management Console’s home page for certain of its offering services.

Aws account created


Sign into console


Enter your email address and previously-configured password.



And this is the Amazon Console Home page, where you may access some of the most popular AWS services, including EC2, VPC, AUTOSCALING, etc.

AWS Console Home


After setting up our AWS Free Tier account, we are now ready to begin using the services that AWS offers.

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