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Amazon Web Services – Resolving Domain Pending Verification Status in Amazon SES

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In this article, we are going to look into how to resolve pending verification for your domain in Amazon Simple Email Service(SES) by recreation. This procedure resolves the problem that occurs when the domain.txt record was initially defined incorrectly and then was correct after it later and as a result the verification status is still shown as pending.

Follow the below steps to resolve this issue:

Step 1: First we’ll use the below command to verify the txt record is present and has the correct value.  We’ll open a terminal and then run the command:


Step 2: In the output section we’ll verify whether the value of txt record is present and matches the one shown in the SES console. Here we will need to copy the above-highlighted text value. Here we will need to copy the above-highlighted text value. 

Step 3: Now login to the AWS management console and then navigate to the SES console.

Step 3: From the AWS navigation selector in the navigation bar, select the region that your domain is in.

Step 4: Now choose Domains and select the check box in front of your domain name and then choose View Details.

Step 5: Now verify that the TXT value in the verification section matches the record value that we obtained using the nslookup command. This value is case-sensitive and should match exactly. we can use control F to find and paste the value here and then verify that it matches.

Step 6: Next choose Domains, check the check box in front of your desired domain and then choose to Remove.

Step 7: Now finally choose Yes, Delete Identity. 

Step 8: Now choose Verify a New Domain then re-enter the domain that is stuck in pending verification. Then choose Verify This Domain.

Step 9: Then choose close

Wait for a few minutes and then choose refresh to verify that domain verification status changes to verified.

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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